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the real raleigh :: abby ross

By 10/15/2018

Name Abby Ross 
Occupation Designer, Corporate social-media manager

Who do you live with My husband Sean and our two kids, Noah (12) and Chloe (8) 
What’s your sign Capricorn

Describe your style in 3 words Modern, Playful, Unique
Fool proof dinner party tip Don’t cook! I hate cooking (I know it’s taboo to say that now) so I do small bowls and signature cocktails instead

Top 3 things you attribute your success to I’m truly interested in other people and their stories. I always think that someone else has the secret to life or knowledge that I can use and if I just ask them the right questions, they’ll reveal it to me. So I think my curiosity and ability to connect with people help me to learn and continually improve. And I’m able to walk into a room or shop and pick out the most interesting or most expensive item in under a minute.

What’s always in your refrigerator Toblerone, eggs, white wine
Book you're reading right now Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living

Where is the last place you traveled LA-Maui-Seattle in one trip
What did you bring back A DIY felted sloth kit (don’t ask!), a California trucker hat, smoked salmon

One piece of advice you’d give an aspiring entrepreneur You can’t do everything on your own. Know what your weaknesses are and then find a partner, a collaborator who has those skills that you’re missing. Also, be open-minded and get feedback - BUT at some point you have to stop asking for feedback and just go with your gut, otherwise you’ll never accomplish anything by trying to follow everyone’s input.

Favorite restaurant Garland is my fav restaurant in Raleigh; and Uchi in Austin (I almost sat beside Ryan Gosling there but he cancelled at the last minute. I cried for days)
Favorite hotel Hotel San Cristobal in Todos Santos, Baja

What’s really important to you right now I’m working really hard right now to find this balancing act between my passion gig and the stable paying gig. I’ve seen how having two professions can play off of each other in unexpected ways, helping me come up with more ideas or forcing me out of a rut. It’s that play between the aesthetic and the everyday experience that I think can work beautifully.

Your favorite 3 things in your house My bathtub, Vintage wave painting from Father and Son, my Artish wall art kit.

What smell do you love The earthy smell of basements
What do you like to do in your home Practice headstands with the kids, make anything with my hands, sleep

Favorite piece of clothing right now Printed jumpsuit from Nooworks
Favorite cocktail Hendricks and tonic (My hubs is from Scotland so I’ve gotta do the Scottish gin!)

Dream dinner party guests Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles and Ray Eames, Zadie Smith
What do you bring with you everywhere you go? Measuring tape, Moleskine notebook, Baggu tote bag

Best concert you've ever been to The War on Drugs at Haw River Ballroom
Indispensable design element Succulents!

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