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I went shopping for vacation and found some things

By 10/29/2018

i went on a quick and deliberate hunt for black one-piece bathing suits this am -- i'm headed to tulum to give thanks for pilgrims running into land, to eat tacos instead of turkey and to sleep. a lot.

i can usually pop over to asos or revolve and scratch the black suit itch pretty easily.  i was tickled to see the founding fathers were shining on me this am because everything at asos is 15% off.  i did a little dive and found some other items worth considering for your times spent in america, as well as mexico.  let's look, shall we?

 I think this sweater looks reasonably fancy, especially for under $40 // let's agree this skirt is a chic look - and I like that it's not real leather // these pants are coming on vacation with a cropped white blouse

i'm digging a two-piece situation right now and this feels like an updated day-time lewk // this denim jumpsuit looks like a fantastic fit // one of the bathing suits i got to try, we'll see

again with the two-piece.  I'm intrigued.  I think I want to try. // this will be me on vacation // you'e listened to me talk about these enough.  now they're on sale.  try them.

I love the shape of this dress //  TWO damn PIECES! welcome // trying this suit too.  dunno.

these are dope // trends.  we set them // love this big cable knit cropped sweater so much

you always need another leopard cardigan, I believe this to be true // how freaking cute is this tiger jumpsuit!  got it! // super-fun stripey sweater 


  1. SwimLemon has a cute one piece black suit with scallops that I got last summer. Pretty comfortable and flattering too.