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By 10/03/2018

I was a reasonably solid fan of the first season, but I have to tell you, I didn't think I was going to make it through the second.  about 20 minutes into the first episode, I just wasn't feeling the amount of suffering.  a mass hanging, hand-burning?  ugh.  just too much darkness for me sometimes.  I paused there, went scooting for a few days and picked back up, ready to bear the burden and it lightened up a bit, thankfully.  I cruised on through the second season in about 3 days, and literally finished the day before dr. ford's hearing.  what a lens to look at real life through, coming straight out of fantasy into reality.  too close for comfort if you ask me, I'd like to pause real life and go scoot for a bit as well.

madewell's having a pretty big sale (20% - 30% off everything) and I've got my eye on this starry sweatshirt.  pretty cute right?  and while we're considering, Neiman's is offering 25% off everything too, so why not pick up some classic sneaks, and these jeans I just got in black (they're seriously skinny-making) and a cool sweater for fall.  you deserve it.

my local post-up spot in raleigh is hummingbird - have you tried it?  it's open super-early until cocktail hour late, so you can always count on it for a good breakfast and super strong latte, a late lunch that hits the spot, or a fun dinner hang for a big group.  they're launching a new fall menu this week with all sorts of deliciousness, including a tasty fall drink menu.
we just released a new batch of rugs, and i can't stop thinking about this one.  almost daily, I've thought about pulling it off the site, because I *think* I want to try it for my closet, but there's no final decisions on wallpaper so i. just. can't. 

and speaking of new batches, how about some new silk robes?  I always order twice as many as we end up listing, because every friend wants one, and just the other day, when we were photographing these (at hummingbird!) two ladies having lunch wanted to buy them.  worry not, there are still plenty of pretty ones on the site.  I wear mine with a white t-shirt and black high-waisted jeans.  Anna's on the lookout for a cute black body-con dress to go under her's, and Jessica's been wearing hers with a white tee and a regular wash denim.

I'm pretty excited to head to high point next weekend for furniture market.  first stop will be the arteriors showroom, because I've got some rad stuff I've seen online in mind for the kondo, and I can't wait to check it out in person.  barstools, a light for over the dining room table, and a few sconces are on the list.