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flowers make us happy

By 10/26/2018

my apologies for the lack of inspirational, pintastic, lifesytling content this week.  this move for some reason turned me into a hateful, ill-tempered whiny old person - and i'm trying to put my finger on exactly why i failed to cope gracefully (like, at all) with this one.  i feel like i've been moving around now for a few years, and i can do it easily, for the most part - so to my surprise, my spirit became brittle and i felt disgusted with everything this particular time.  it hit me hard.

today's a new day though.  a good day to pull it together.  get grateful, feel happy, act brave and really, just adult a bit better.

so hi!

and some good news for all of us -- i'm very happy to share this fun tid bit that i just learned about, on behalf of the society of american florists :

did you know that to help people across the country start their day with a smile, yesterday florists nationwide hit the streets in more than 400 cities in all 50 states, surprising busy commuters with two free flower bouquets -- one to keep and one to give to a friend, family member, colleague or a complete stranger.  through this random-acts-of-kindness-style effort called petal it forward, tens of thousands of flowers were gifted to reaffirm the science behind flowers’ ability to improve moods and bring people together.

i think this is really lovely.  i spent the last two days listening to AM talk radio in my car (it's fascinating right?? i grew up with it constantly on in the background and it's got this weird nostalgia / train wreck allure to it), wondering wtf is going on with pipe bombs at robert de niro's house, why everyone is so dang upset at everyone else, and how irrational this election has so many people acting.  no wonder I'm all out of sorts.  we're all out of sorts.  can you imagine a free bouquet of flowers on the street, for you, and then also getting the opportunity to make someone else's day with a  second?  genius.  more of that please.  

“research shows that receiving flowers makes us happy and that giving flowers makes us even
happier,” said jennifer sparks, SAF vice president of marketing. “the floral industry wants to
share positivity and kindness toward others, and to give people the chance to do that for someone else,” she said.

it seems that a state of frenzy is a fairly normal thing for so many of us these days.  research from the university of north florida shows that something as simple as flowers can help. the findings show that people who lived with flowers in their homes for just a few days reported a significant decrease in their levels of stress and improvements in their moods.

send mom a bouquet.  make some arrangements to get an arrangement to your bff from growing up.  if your friend started a new biz, get them some blooms.  move a muscle, change a thought.  gift some flowers, feel some feels.  one hundred percent, i'm in.  a few of my fave insta-worthy shots of flowers i'd pick up on the reg to keep the home harmonious (it works!).  now it's time to get some for these new digs, don't ya think?