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second time's a charm - and you DO deserve it.

By 9/26/2018

*apologies for the second post - this one has all links CORRECT!  we're doing some testing.  hardhats.  construction.  thanks for understanding.

the hugemongous shopbop sale of the season starts Wednesday, the 26th - 20% off your entire order under $500, and 25% off everything over $500 (the code is STOCKUP18!), and that means all the things you've been wanting for all fall are just all the more achievable.

i heard the cutest story the other day - a friend of mine, who's just super southern a born and bred raleigh girl, was telling me about her mama - who's even MORE old school raleigh people. her mom's a decorator, she's almost 80, and still working everyday, and when her clients would pick out something expensive, out of their budget, she would say to them in the her most doting southern belle drawl "you darling girl, you should have that - you deserve it".

so. yup. there's that.

same same on my fave picks from the sale -- yal know i seriously want every bit of it.  but my closet, my closet people, and my walmart gucci handbag advise caution.

i'm pretty much living in a floaty skirt situation these days, until it's too cold to at least. my target cheetah skirt was a total gateway - that lead to this alc one that's now on non-stop (it's a really flattering fit)

one / two / three / four

i'm just enjoying a plaid shoe moment.  i don't have any, but it's very appealing.  i think the platform sandal could be really attractive this winter with a pair of tights (and a floaty skirt!).
golden goose / sandals / platforms

i really haven't wrapped my head around what my coat game will be this winter. i do think that I'd score the points and win the game with that plaid shearling, however.
one / two / three / four

there's still time for a cute warm weather dress for this fall, and can still be totally relevant with a cardigan thrown over when it's chilly
one / two / three / four / five / six

i will be wearing a turtleneck err day that i can this winter, promise you that.  and that that first black bodysuit one, ordered that!
one / two / three

some new lizzie fortunato jewels that just dropped and the cutest bracelet our intern bess had on the other day.
necklace / earrings / bracelet / earrings / belt / earrings / bracelets / necklace

v. cute bags for your fall adventures. that moschino bag give me cozy felz and you'll use that camo bag until it falls apart - it's that easy.
bag 1 / bag 2 / bag 3 / bag 4 / bag 5 / bag 6

fancy or not, now's the time to save, and if you're like me, you will wear a pair of sneakers out. very rarely have i splurged on a comfy and cool sneaker and not worn the life out of them. and yal know i wear those platform converse all week long (just throw them in the wash and they're brand new every time!)

and finally fall jeans.  who in the world knows what style we should be wearing, not this girl.  but I do know these are super-comfortably styles, they make you feel slim and confident and in control (huh?), and they're attractive.  so.  do what you can with that.
jeans 1 / jeans 2 / jeans 3