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kondo le tigre - let's get in formation.

By 9/12/2018

we haven't officially dug into the game plan at my new kondo, so let's do it now.  as we prepare for florence to move onshore and do all the things, let's talk about this cute little nick olsen drawing of my furniture layout (above) and move through this like storm surge off a duck's back.  let's just do part now, because who really has the attention span to study this all to once.

let's start with the eastern standard entry time zone.  the front door is bottom righthand corner on the drawing, and this photo is from the front door.  walk in, on the right, maybe a big bookshelf moment.  like container store style, with brackets and all.

that's one thing i loved about Jenna Lyons space.  she's got a huge wall of shelves, and it doesn't look precious or fancy, but also not dorm roomy or too over-styled.  there's a ton of interest, and it's chock full but it's corralled in this area, and I think i need that.  i have a lot of stuff, and I'm not ready to hide it, so this might be the solution for all of the books, and all of the textiles.  the art, the pretty bits, all the stuff.  this is it's new neighborhood.  *i think*.

zero triggers have been pulled on this - i think i need to live with it for a bit.

that round business as you walk in is a fish pond.  and same same on this - i don't know if we can actually make it happen.  i think bringing the fish with us is going to be a gametime decision, and if they do come, they'll live like shahs in a fish sunset, pimped out in a lotus bowl, but if we can't do it, I will go on to fight other battles.  I can just do a round entry table there, again like jenna's layout above.

moving down the right wall, past editorial-clutter wall, there's the dining area.  i'm taking my big oval marble tulip table - it'll be paired up with 8 leather cassina cab dining chairs i got at the habitat restore in Colorado.  boom.  that'll be something.  those guys will graciously welcome a new buffet to live with them, one that's being custom-made by the new traditionalists in pink panther lacquer.  second boom.  idk what's going on top.  nick wants me to buy this mirror to go over it - or to just go somewhere, because it's attractive.  and i'll need a pair of lamps here - mr olsen prefers a tall skinny situation.  again, tbd.  i have a lot of art, and surprisingly, with 20' ceilings, not the most wall space.  i hate to buy new things when the old things are already throwing me shade about where they'll live.

continue with me down that right wall - to the kitchen.  i kinda screwed the pooch with my timing on this part.  we had agreed to live with the kitchen as is (just updating the brown cabinets with a coat of white paint), but I got a bee in my bonnet and drove down to Ikea and bought the cabinets so onward and upward.  what needs to be decided now, in the shady aftermath of my impulsivity, is the counter top and the backsplash.  I had all sorts of big ideas about veiny marbles and joshua tree vibes, but we went through that together, remember, and we got real.

the cabinets are all white.  no hardware.  simple, modern, clean and bright.

i'm leaning towards a mosaic tile backsplash now, in a coat of many colors.  similar to this.
and either an absolute black granite top or an all-white corian inspired moment. I need to pick. this whole mess is expensive, and i have a budget for sure.  if i go upside down on this, it just won't make sense as a good investment.  so, in an effort to adult harder, better, faster, stronger - I can't Kanye the kitchen.  BUT I WANT TO SO BAD.

whatever the counter is, it's going to waterfall over that little jut out, so it's a big element in the room.  since it's living right beside the marble-top table, i feel like a solid stone might be a better bet as to not compete with the table pattern, ya know?

so the fun rainbow tile, and black counter, which we think will look editorial, and crisp, and will photograph well, and accessorize food nicely.

or white counter, which feels ultra-modern, bright and light and a maybe a too touch retro?


nick loves an absolute black granite moment for real deal value-engineering.  it's about $35 a sq. ft, so that's better than the jadeite mess at $55, and white quartz at $65.  i have a pretty standard size kitchen - not a ton of counter space, but pushing back behind the sink for a little counter situation, and the waterfall part adds up to 55 sq. feet.  so whatever this counter is, it's a little bit of an investment.  i want to get it right.

let's pause there and we'll revisit the kitchen tomorrow, if Florence hasn't kicked me out of the matrix.


  1. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Hope loved ones and places in Raleigh are safe. :) Plans look amazing! Can't recommend solid black counters, though. They. Show. Everything. Always.
    Everylastcrumbandpieceoflint. Ugh.

  3. Thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  4. If you do Absolute Black, get it honed - shiny shows every fingerprint. There is also Black Pearl Leathered which is pretty.