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in formation.

By 9/05/2018

brain dump. it's been a day. I went to red lobster for dinner.

i can hardly wait.  for fall.  now is a great time to start it.

i'll wear something like this

or maybe a matching set type deal

after that little fit you all witnessed yesterday, i'm now considering multi-colored squares.  a mosaic, if you will.  i don't know if i'm brave enough.

i could be though.  i like this wallpaper - it remind me of something my mom would've picked in '84 for a guest room (and I'm considering this for the closet).

Oscar de la renta vibes. i could just do everything white and splatter.  tile.  myself.  the floor.  WHO KNOWS.  i'm becoming unhinged.

love this print by rosie harbottle

boob clutches


and finally, yes yes yes.  but not right now, for me.  but maybe for you.