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I hardly know who I am at the present mr caterpillar.

By 9/04/2018

oh a renovation.  i've heard tales -- the legends and myths of budgets and crazy contractors and time lines and value-engineering and mitigating deal-breakers.  But what about early-adapter blogger Pinterest-obsessed decorators who own a home furnishings store?  that won't make it a single bit more difficult AT ALL.  i'll know exactly what i want because i've spent years honing in on my vibe my life and here!  let me now paint my masterpiece.


i feel like i started with a vibe guide (and honestly, i'm the same with with client projects) - but inevitably the path is going to take a turn or two onto some legit country roads (like where my elementary school was: southwest elementary school road) before we end up at the destination, which may or may not be a lick close to the original idea.  what we get is an iteration of it, for sure, but with some more bugs on the windshield, some grass in the hubcaps, and a little less gas in the tank.

but fine!  because we guzzled it on a journey and you saw some stuff, got some wind in your hair, and learned that polishing concrete costs $5 a square foot (my little-pig budget would be blown down with a $6000 bad wolf polisher).  And, a slab of green jadeite granite with a dramatic, but organically calming green streak! in the middle of it it costs $4500.


i thought i wanted a modern desert millennial pinterest mydomaine Kelly wearstler organic luxe,  maybe a rocker in Nashville with a pool modern-is-interesting-to-me clean look.


caterpillar says no Alice.  or maybe just a little Alice, but chill.  i think i need a loud tile backsplash.  i just can't fight my naturalities.

and also, I. Can't. Afford. It. (luxe Kelly wearstler west coast feuled-by-moon-juice vibe)!



i suwannee.  stand by.  don't say anything bad about initial vision above because we don't know if i'm really going to break up with him and wouldn't that be awkward?  MAYBE I'LL DISCOVER money. because that always happens when you wish for it, right?

i'm just looking at tiles for the bahamas, and catching fomo feels, right?

even so, here's the thing - change is ok.  lord knows i've seen a slew of it, and this current project of defining myself with the choices i make for my home is no different than how i've done a lot of things in my life, like build my business, decide how and with who to spend my time with, and how i want to feel and act.  it changes!  a lot!  ya know, it won't ever stop.  so we let's just take the moment to look at pretty tiles.  that seems most prudent.

these are the ones I've looked at today:


  1. you is good writer. also- do you.

  2. now ya got me looking at tile

  3. I'm in this quandary now too and wondering when the money will fall from the sky. Just bought my first house and the upstairs needs new carpet. it has to be carpet. I want wool carpet tho i know it's kind of insane. in fact, the estimate for the one I want is $5900. I can't seem to find something else I like as much. Now trying to convince myself to downgrade to something less pretty. ITS HARD.

  4. Just did Simply White in my casa, love it.
    What about no backsplash....hang plates everywhere or art (you have a lot of art) spend the $$ on the counters, and come back to the tile later.

  5. You is a FAB writer.

    "luxe Kelly wearstler west coast feuled-by-moon-juice vibe" so. perfect.