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before your ride turns into a pumpkin.

By 9/27/2018

before we call it a night on the shopbop sale, let's run through a few more things i think you'll find of interest.

foremost, this is legit a big sale - the entire site is discounted, and 25% is a lot, especially on $$ things you may not have splurged on before.  if there's the tiniest bit of $ burning a whole in your high-waisted jeans, I'd say now is the time my people.  get all the things.  or at least one.

and if there's one thing that's the most critical, I'd say it's the no. 6 clog boots.  you saw me wear them n o n s t o p all winter and well into spring, and now to the point where tad no joke hid them.  he said if he has to see me clomp around in them and it's not below 40 degrees i'll be shunned.  and that's fine, because I get a lot of work done when I'm shunned, plus I look like a freaking gazelle and my toes are cozy.  there's a new brown color that is attractive, but I'm sticking with black because they are life-giving.  best shoes I've owned I think.  highly suggest you invest.  they're sort of culty-fabulous.  the few times I've ran into another woman wearing them, we've instantly decided to be best friends on account of our stellar life choices.

wearing them here, and here and here (insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji)

also, I bought the clogs.  I'm just being honest.  it's a sale!  I'd been eyeing them for months, and I got to save $70 on them.

brown boots / black boots / shearling mule / black clog / rust boot
what a majestic time it is when sweaters can come back out.  I tried on the blue striped one and felt 90s Hurley vibes at once, in the best way.  Over $70 off might be the trick to pull the trigger.
one / two / three / four / five / six

these dresses couldn't be easier really.  I bought the white one earlier this summer and can right it right into fall WITH MY CLOMPY BOOTS thanks so much.
one / two / three

these Levis are a perfect fit.  I have two pair.  and they're like $78 on sale.  done.  also, the overalls.  you look skinny in them. 
one / two / three / four / five / six
I was gifted the cuff for my birthday and it always takes things up a notch.  the lucite hoops are also an easy way to achieve faschun.
bracelet / earrings / hoops