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artist Karina Bania

By 9/09/2018

we hear so much about the pitfalls of social media - the comparisons and jealousy, the #fakenews and judging, the bad feelings that scrolling through a feed of someone you *think* is doing better than you elicits.  and we all know that's real - it's totally valid and happens more than we'd like.

BUT, can we all agree there's some really really inspiring stuff to be discovered by diving into the deepest of instagram wells, at night, maybe when you're in the bath, maybe you've reached far into the kitchen cabinet, in the very back, for the 1 leftover famous Amos cookie you've been hoarding, and maybe it's been a long day of #iamverybusy (I AM!) and you just want to see some pretty things that make your cashflow spreadsheet evaporate just for a minute?  please say you know this feeling.

last time i did that i discovered california artist karina bania.  just click click scroll wander click and poof! this amazing artist with the best west-coast vibe creating art that made me feel something.  now that's why the internetz is a very good thing.  discovery!

and now, i get to share her with you!  that's the magic of it all.

maybe you've already found her in your cookie bath, but if not -  what a time for you.  get to know karina.  dig in here and here.  go check out furbish's IG story, learn a little more, and then pop over on tuesday to furbish for a special sale featuring 30 exclusive works she created just for us.  if you feel the feels, invest in a piece.  they're very affordable - starting at $150 and going up to $650 for a large 24" x 18" piece, and 1 very special diptych at $1100.

this girl is special - i'm telling you.  isn't it time you added a little california cool to your home, or your office?  i know it's time for me to - I'd be down to set up a cot in her super-chic, hip and 100% photographable studio she always features on her ig and just soak it in.  see for yourself...