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top ten with Lindsey Porter

By 8/06/2018

i decided, i'm investing in one of lindsey porter's pieces.  it's time.  i am now the adult it requires one to be to appreciate and acquire one of her paintings.  hello.

what i love is how her line drawings are colorful and bright, but sneaky kinda creepy and crawly.  do you see that?  there's a little friction there that i love.  it's a happy botanical! but wait, it's a little odd.  kinda jagged in places, and sharp.  there are points and twists.  and I LOVE THAT.  the most interesting bright color palettes applied to an edgey sketch of a beautiful organic thing.  Sold, thanks.

tomorrow, we couldn't be more pleased to offer 50 original pieces from lindsey.  paintings and sculptural collages - all equally beautiful with just a touch of darkness, a generous helping of organic ease and a lively color palette that reads sophisticated and silly - all at the same time.  

lindsey's collages in this series are fun - they have a laid-back, almost dr seuss vibe to them, at first, but again, in true form, when you dig in, they're a bit more serious -- they have depth, and the vibrant colors are grounded with blacks and brown.  they looks seriously amazing framed - she recommends floating them in a shadow box, and i agree.  they would make such an interesting addition for a collector - i doubt you have anything quite like these!

tomorrow, at 12pm est -- live on the site here.  

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