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By 8/03/2018

i'm not really an omg tgif kinda girl but for real, it's the freaking weekend and i'm glad of it i say.

earlier this week, my baefriend nick olsen flew in for a whirlwind 24 hour design tour-de-force.   i've purchased a new place to live downtown-ish, and yes, we're gonna talk all about it, you and me, but let me close in a few weeks first (i need all of the universe on my side please - it's been a while since i've done this!).

i've got a super-tight timeline for a reno, so nick and i werked out some first round plans. additionally, we cohosted a chip n' dip indian dinner, yelled loudly at each other in vaguely-antebellum sounding accents and had a ton of fun picking and choosing some finishes, fabrics and fish ponds for the new crib.  he's been a dear friend for almost 10 years now, and i can't begin to tell you how excited, and grateful i am to be working with him on my new home.  it makes my heart interior feel full.

the schedule is tough because i'm gone quite a bit -- typically i'm away for two weeks of the month, i'm back in raleigh for one, alone, and then tad's here with me for the last week.  this involves some shuffling, and lots of scheduling and coordinating.  but it works really well for me.  i get inspired constantly - i get to learn about new people, see new places and experience things i've never before, and i also get to do the exact same thing in raleigh.  leaving makes me appreciate it more.  and when i'm back, i hit the ground running and really dig in.  to work, to my community, my friendships, my pups, and taking care of myself.   all the things.  

it's a kooky balance, but i think it's my right mix.  i'm feeling really good.  there's just enough friction to keep me polished.

great jamie.  thanks for sharing.

let's do that whole click-to-see thing the #influencers do, because if there are no surprises in life what are we really living for.

we're living for this.  a boob pool float.  i was searching for a thang for a client on urban outfitters last night and found all sorts of things to live for.

including this tiger bath mat (this one is cute too!), these attractive towels to go with them, this quirky removable wallpaper (we should all try a removable wallpaper project - right?), and this heart side table - can't you see this being really chic??

i also went down a tory burch rabbit hole this week and decided i'm really fine being a tory burch girl if i can wear this dress, these sandals and these earrings.  maybe even together because nothing says zero fucks given more than an open shearling sandal with an embroidered take-me-to-tulum dress.

my big score of the week was these shoes.  when they first came out, i evidently was not ready to be that girl, but now, i'm really morphing into this six from blossom meets frankie scared-of-boats from the real world meets lola, from running, meets claudia from the baby-sitters club (let's be honest, i'm a mallory though).  it's just me!  now!

in things to look forward to, we're dropping some crazy-amazing new rugs at furbish next week.  runners in the prettiest colors - this is the first time we've carried such, you're gonna be into it.  we're also featuring some new work from birmingham artist lindsey porter that is straight-up so good looking that jessica and i cannot choose just one piece for ourselves and may just de-pop-up the whole shebang and hoard them in our beds to be closer to them.  we won't, but still - it's going to be out of this world.  shit, i feel like i'm talking like trump again.  i do that.  REALLY TREMENDOUS STUFF.

please, enjoy your weekend.  and i'll try to do the same.  like no deodorant works on me, i've had french fries at my last 3 meals, and i have a hematoma of some sort on my leg from a run-in with a stubborn bird scooter, BUT i am optimistic that i am fully alive.  have fun, ttyl.  oh and tgif 4 real.


  1. Ok. read the entire post. I need that tiger rug for the kids bath. And because we are frands, Primally Pure deodorant. I have been on the geranium all summer and there are no words.