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is it too late to become a New Yorker?

By 8/22/2018

there's so much to tell you about, we're going to have to do it in parts. when it rains, it pours and is humid AF.  so let's review all.de.thangs.

tad and i rented an apartment in new york.  a little 500 square foot studio in the east village - on 3rd street.  just for a year, and it's a friend's place we're taking the lease over on as he moves out, but this is SOME REAL FIVEL GOES WEST SHIT for me.  i have always wanted to live in nyc.  i've thought everyone at some point in their lives should be able to call nyc home, and it's been a goal of mine to get there - bucket list style.  this is big for me - a country mouse has keys to a good-looking little place in nyc, in a great spot and i get to truck some of my furniture up there and call it HOME.  what a literal time.

last week felt amazing.  yal know i go to nyc as often as i can, but there's something different, something way close to magical about committing to the city.  i've always felt like a tourist, packing back up after just a few short days to head back to north carolina -- always energized, satiated like i'd tapped into an energy, edward on bella's neck style (i loved me some twilight) -- but just another cruise ship passing through.

now I've dropped an anchor.  Iive said I'M BRAVE!  i want to try to do this!  knock me down, i'm ready!  teach me.  inspire me.  keep suprising me and scaring me and opening up my world.  i'm finally ready and you'd think i had ants in my britches i'm so excited (my mom said that, bless).

so lemme show you - but first, just so we're clear: kondo de tigre in raleigh will be my home here - i'm not leaving for good.  i'll own it, and adult the shit out of it and half my timez, the schnauzies and I will roam free and fancy over our polished-concrete domain.

I guess the streets of clemmons really planted an appreciation for grafitti in me.  this new mural in the neighborhood was the first thing I saw on my way in and my insides felt about as equally expansive and alive as the art.  amaze.
russ & daughters cafe is also in the hood, and my favorite for a late breakfast.  the heebster is the green bagel -- wasabi infused row.  c'mon!  the best Benedict and all the pickles a girl can eat.

extra butter is a sneaker store next to the cafe we always stop in.  the young people are nice to us and call us mam and sir, not like we're the Carters, but more like cleavers.  I was into these nikes - I hate to say it, but they were just really comfortable.  insert hand covering face emoji.
also enjoyed this Banksy mat.  we need a front door mat!  and a bath mat!  how fun is that to get to buy a door mat!  (I'm geeking out over this ENTIRE apartment moment, you have no idea)

all the street art.  makes me happy.

a little fresh pressed juice stand by our apartment.  tad made me take two ginger shots each day because I had a freak summer cold that got aggressive rull quick - and I have to say, I think they helped.  oh who knows but they burned like hell, and I did feel a little goop-y. (insert hand up fancy emoji)

totally new to be me was sant amberoeus, in soho. so attractive, and the very best latte i've had in like seasons. the Tegamino Mediterraneo was absurd -- eggs with tomato sauce, olives and capers.
also notable, right beside our place - frank!  I posted on IG and yal were so smart to share with me who frank is!  I'm now following him on IG, totally into his Italy trip and ate three meals, including a peanut butter and jelly baguette that was life-changing, at his place.  can't wait to try his other two restaurants, both nearby 

onto the gift show!  I was even excited about that!  10 years of going to this freaking gift show at Jacob javits, and sad to do it without Jessica this year (caring for a human), but the general aliveness of my state maintained as I schlepped the aisles, and I found some really rad things, like this lil pink lamp and his blue and green sisters.  should have in a few weeks.

I'm envisioning this to be the gift of all gifts this Christmas.  heavy and substantial and expensive and gorgeous and what I'd like to be gifted for Christmas.  will be in by November.

door hangers!  with a pocket in the back for a lavender sachet!  what is life?!  who are we!?  let's be this!

because, of course.

the it-collar for dogs in and on the scene holiday '18.  matching collar too.  I die.

and these glasses are fance-pants (britches too).  will sell in a set of two for holiday hostess gift extraodinaire.
quickly, let's get out of the convention center because the ceiling is leaking, and move with me to the new traditionalists showroom on Lexington.  nick Olsen style met me there to get to work on a custom sideboard we're creating for kondo de tigre.  I knew I needed a funky size - something tall, and shallow with lots of storage, and nick reminded me that the new-trads can totally customize any of their pieces.  done!  

we picked out this super-classic and nick-approved symmetrical style and set to work pimping our ride.  a pink panther shiny lacquered outside, with cerused oak door, and bright white hardware.  I'm able to make it taller, add a drawer and it will be just a scooch thinner so it can fit behind my dining room table.  huzzah.
I'm bursting with more to share, but I'll save it for tomorrow so I don't use every bit of data on your phone plan.  I'll leave you with another new-to-me place - Fairfax in the west village.  I had a great breakfast with Christina from st frank and then strolled over to her so-chic little store on bleecker.  kk - more later, proms for real.



  1. Wait, how excited are you?? :) Best of luck. Look out, NYC!

  2. Jamie! I see our hardware in your pic at the new trads! you featured us way back when (like 6 years ago) on your blog. WOuld love to get together with you when you're in the city!

  3. Congrats on your new place! Also, love that you went to Collyer's Mansion. They started in my little neighborhood then moved up in the world to Atlantic Ave. The owner seems like a cool boss lady type (I don't know her, but she lives in my 'hood). You two should be friends or something! :)