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completely unrelated bits of life and additional explanations

By 8/13/2018

in best of last week recapping, this pic I IGed on furbish's account practically broke a whole neighborhood of the internet.  I snapped it at a friend's house who used the rhapsody kilim rug on her stairs - it's great, and pretty easy too.  any rug installer can make this happen for you - you just need to find out if your installer would prefer to work with a big rug, like a 10' x 14' and cut it, or if a standard runner size will work (2.5' x 8' usually).  you can do this. the internet can help.

if i was exiled to a desert island, and had a flower service that delivered once a week, to the island, and they were like a basic bottega, or a regular grocery store, with an island delivery service, I'd be totally fine with 1 bunch hydrangeas, 1 sunflower unit, and some pink carnations.  put the hydrangeas in a tallish clear simple round vase with extra-clean water and long stems (elegant!), the sunflowers in a pitcher or a kooky piece of pottery (hip!) and the carnations in a blue and white ginger jar, trimmed super-short so just the happy little blooms form a ball (preppy!).  

in furniture planning for my new place (i swear to drake I will talk about it soon, I just need to close so the universe doesn't throw a fireball at the cart I put before the horse) I've decided I need a daybed in the living room for guests.  and I posited to you guys on IG if this Ikea situation is chic and arty or just cheap and should maybe be in a pediatricians office with a stack of highlight magazines on it.  whoever this chick is, in the headset and silver sneaks -- she's elevating it, I'm kinda into her vibe, like maybe she designed it, or maybe she runs the kitchen department at the Hoboken store.  still under consideration.

speaking of, these are those cream pants I got in aspen and wore for 4 days in a row.  glad to report they're still having a moment in raleigh, and I just packed them for nyc too.  I went to Zara last night and all the things are wide, high-waisted, and cream.  I can go fight other battles for a bit.  99 problems and these pants aren't currently one.

I got a bee in a bonnet and put more shit on my coffee table last weekend.  I was trying to live life as a normal person who can keep shit off their coffee table, but that did not prevail, so I stacked and portioned and piled and positioned.  I'm into it.  (also, see hydrangeas placed as such)

in other things I'm into news, Lindsey porter.  her pop-up ends tomorrow - so if you waited to pull the trigger on one of her so-very-attractive paintings, it's time.  I love the collage series - they're very good framed, especially in a gallery wall, to add some texture. 

how about her black and white paintings?  so freaking sophisticated.  look how it looks so current, but fits right in with oils and the antiques and the seriousness.  it lightens it up, makes it feel vibrant and a bit more fresh. 

also, lots of people wanted this art.  it's at father & son in raleigh.  downtown.  they've been in their new spot by the new train station, in the old f.e.e.d building for a few months, and it's really great.  clean, and bright and you can look around and see all the things, and then want them more.  I picked up a really great lamp - I considered this little guy (on the left here), because I think it would be really attractive on a kitchen counter, or in a bathroom if you have room.

moreover, I posted this last week and instructed that we all get this skirt.  I did.  clearly I've been wearing it everyday since (you've seen it in all the photos).  it's a tiny bit ill-fitted in the stomach area but the budget-buy factor combined with how great it looks in photos, plus - it's super comfy and cool and you can wear it for 4 days without seeing Taco Bell hot sauce on it (not because the sauce isn't there, but because the spots camo it).

that skirt and these shoes.  I'm gonna start wearing horse-beater tanks tops too (get it?). the rug is this one and it has a big hot pink stripe down the middle of it, and I'm really surprised we still have it because it's kind of amazing and I brought it to my house because as my mother always said, if your food hasn't come yet, get up and go to the restroom.  so, be warned.  I will absorb it.

I am really not kidding am I?  doing the most with this outfit.  a lone pony with a single trick.  I do love these shoes though.  they've been out for a hot couple of years, but I didn't know this was me now then.  I do now.  and this rug is new - just put it up, and it's pink and long and slender and could be you now.

and finally, in things you asked about - this is settle's bed, from the real raleigh post, and yal have excited yourself over these monogrammed shams.  I'm with you, one hundred percent.  they are quintessentially southern and wonderful.  you can order your own here - from this charleston chick (I need to know her!) on Etsy who does these amazing appliqu├ęs that look about 6 times more expensive than they are.  I mean, I'm from Winston-Salem - these hand towels are class class class to me.

and I'll leave with you this pic from the little beach house Barcelona.  I like these vibes for the week.



  1. I need to know more about that green headboard!! Can you tell me where it's from?