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the real raleigh :: lila hobgood

By 7/01/2018

Name Lila Hobgood
Who do you live with My husband, A., our three children: Llewis, Odette and Jewell, and two dogs: Rose and Chasse.

What’s your sign Aquarius sun, Pisces rising
Describe your style in 3 words Eclectic, vibrant, authentic
You’ve done an amazing job at making a home feel cozy, personalized and given it a ton of character - what were some of your tricks You would never guess this but I originally had all white furniture and a white flokati rug in the family room. I clearly wasn’t thinking about my “audience”. The children had it ruined within a month (think lollipops stuck in the rug which I would just cut out with scissors) so, my biggest trick was having patience with each space while I figured out how each one was going to be used and lived in. Design, for me, is a way of verbalizing who I am so knowing myself well is key and as a woman, I think that is an evolving process so patience is required there too.

Fool proof dinner party tip A small gift for each person by their place setting.
What do you collect Crystals, antique perfume bottles, shoes and seashells. Lots of seashells.

Favorite cocktail Bourbon. On the rocks.
Necessary extravagance/simple indulgence Astier de Villatte incense/ Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa incense

A book you've read more than once Still Life with Woodpecker, Into the Wild
Your favorite 3 things in your house My family, my books, my artwork

Where is the last place you traveled Just outside of Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Mexico.
What did you bring back Piece of mind, seashells and silver.
Style Icon Georgia O’Keeffe. I love her penchant for androgyny. It was a bold statement back then and one I believe she made purposefully. She believed that everything you are doing, down to putting a stamp on an envelope should be done with a sense of style and beauty. To me, she is the embodiment of self reflection and grace. She was also a wonderful cook and I read that she insisted that the water be boiling before she would have the corn pulled from her garden. I just love that.

Favorite perfume I always layer scents depending on the season and my mood but it always starts or ends with Jo Malone’s Red Roses.
Piece of Jewelry Anything by DePetra

Best concert you've ever been to My dad took me to Pink Floyd when I was in the second grade. He played The Wall for us all the time when we were little. Beyond the incredible production they put on, it was the first time I remember getting a real sense of people freely expressing themselves.

You know you can always count on My meditation and yoga practices.
Dream dinner party guests Georgia O’Keeffe, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Tom Petty.

The farthest you have been from home India and ironically, it felt like a version of home. In that way, travel has been important in my aesthetic. I like to bring the most important places I have been back home with me.

What do you bring with you everywhere you go The wisdom I have gained from past experiences and my sense of humor.
What can you not stop thinking about The myriad of possibilities. Oh, and what kinds of seashells I will find in the Maldives, if I ever get there

How do you unwind With a book by the wood burning fireplace in my living room
What smell do you love The top of my children’s heads, salt air and roses, of course.
What’s really important to you right now The notion of freedom
Book you're reading currently I’m always reading more than one. Currently, Phenomenal by Leigh Ann Henion and Falling into Grace by Adyashanti
Favorite hotel The Umstead, hands down.
What would people be surprised to learn about you That despite the number of shoes I own, I can usually be found in bare feet.

Color I never tire of I am always being moved by some shade of purple. Also, ochre never disappoints.
Song that always puts me in a great mood Side Pony by Lake Street Drive

If you were a boxer, what song would you walk out to Hmmm...She Wolf, by Shakira
What would be your perfect weekend Reading and bathing on a beach, uninterrupted.


  1. Good Morning,
    Can you please tell us about the small animal prints? The squirrel on the built in and and over the master side tables? Many thanks

    1. Hi! The artist is Vicki Sawyer. I purchase her work at Latk and Key Gallery in Charlotte, NC.