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glassware: my picks for entertaining

By 7/03/2018

after moving from 500 sq. feet to a much larger house with a lovely backyard and front porch, dinner parties became a thing-of-the-reg for me, and with that, my glassware collection finally got to achieve greatness. i can really get down with a mix-and-match tablescape, thanks to all the fun pieces i've been collecting.

whether it's ordered-in indian food or a home-cooked italian feast, these are the glasses i continue to reach to for let's-catch-up cocktail hour, serving delicious wine at the dinner table (i prefer to open a few bottles before dinner and just have them on the table for guests to serve themselves, or a chic choice for water during the meal (I also like to just open a few bottles of pellegrino and have them on the table for easy self-service).

the important pieces:
stemmed champagne flutes
blue marbled rocks glasses here or here

my favorite basic wine stems are from crate and barrel - they're super chic, feel nice and substantial when you hold them, and seem to hold their own during a rowdy party (I haven't broken any yet!)

cb2 rotates the colors they offer in the Marta tumbler, so I've picked up several shades. I love the light purple they have now - these are perfect for wine!
these amethyst goblets are my latest acquisition, and I swear, they make any fete feel extra fancy.  the price is insane, so if they aren't available now (they go in and out of stock often), just check back soon.  they paired well at this party with the chic white marbled tumblers for water.


  1. Hi! Would you mind sharing the source for the tortoise chairs? Thanks!