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a sweet baby bird nursery - liz tatum

By 7/25/2018

liz tatum is a local raleigh girl who's been in the furbish fam for years.  we were so stoked when she fell in love with one of our oushaks for the starting point in her babe-to-be's nursery, and couldn't wait to see how the room turned out.

as luck would have it, anna was able to photograph liz and her sweet nursery, and i'm excited to share it with you guys --and just in time too - liz is due in a few days!

liz told me that the biggest challenge was the oversized room. 'we had built-ins and shelves crafted to warm up the space. we also strategically placed light sources as a way to brighten up the corners'.

liz said, 'because of the dimensions of this converted bonus room, a friend said it feels like a treehouse up here'.  i think she did a great job of making what could be an awkward attic room feel like a sanctuary, with thoughtful choices rather than quick-fixes.

liz's favorite pieces? the oushak rug, sunshine mirror and palm wallpaper set the tone for our baby bird's nest. 'we chose pieces we think will stand the test of time and grow with our babe'.

we all know it's overwhelming to design a room, especially when there are so many freaking choices these days. I asked liz where she found her inspiration:
-young house love blog
-laurel and wolf is a savvy design site that assisted with the layout.
-and always a california vibe!

all items sourced below - and just comment with any questions!


  1. Lovely space! It looks beautiful and so inviting. But that dress! That's the scene stealer. What a gorgeous mamma-to-be!

  2. Tell me about that ice cream thing on the shelf please!!!