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top 10 with blakely little

By 6/25/2018

i don't think our pop-up with charleston artist blakely little this tuesday could be more perfectly timed.  pairing pretty pastel colors with rays of neon brights - blakely's work exudes a summer vacay-every-day vibe, and we are certainly settled right into the dog days of it here in the south.  furbish is releasing 25 original collages from blakely that speak to the warm-weather wanderer in all of us tomorrow at 12pm.  i have a piece from her last pop-up framed and hanging in my office - right beside my computer - it's like a dreamy-window to a summery seaside, just out of touch but always there in my memory.  her work speaks to a little summertime nostalgia - sun glittering on the waves, sand in your sandwich, sunscreen in your eyes and your family lined up in folding chairs, positioned just so - where the tide will catch your toes and the sunshine rays will hit all the right spots.  that makes me happy.

a bit more about blakely, a link to her IG account, and be sure to check out her newest collection, live tomorrow!

bee necklace / blue and white shirt