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the real raleigh :: Alysha Totemwongs

By 6/05/2018

Name Alysha Totemwongs
Occupation Medical Device Sales

Who do you live with Domestic Partner, Tyler
What’s your sign Sun: Gemini, Rising: Capricorn, Moon: Sagittarius

What do you collect crystals, phone cases, tiny elephants, shoes

Describe your fashion sense in 3 words modern eclectic femme, unapologetic sun protection, hats hats hats

What do you do first thing after you wake up? Golden milk lattes, meditate, email, social media

3 favorite things about your house oversized freestanding tub, my closet, and huge kitchen island for pasta making parties
What’s always in your refrigerator LaCroix and Sriracha

Fool proof dinner party tip If short on time fried chicken and champagne do the trick. Otherwise, a homemade lemon or chocolate cake with extra drizzzle

What surprises you about Raleigh?  The collaborative, make-it-happen, entrepreneurial and professional women I’ve had the privilege of working and becoming friends with. It is here that I discovered the importance of maintaining a girl gang, posse, support system, whatever you wanna call it – something that didn’t cross my mind when I braved a cross country move from LA 8 years ago. Life will inevitably happen – marriage, kids, divorce, career growth, business fail, loss of a parent – and I needed the shared experience, insight, empathy and counsel of other women to make sense of it all. Women coming together to support each other in life and in business bring joy and vibrancy to this community and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

Necessary extravagance/simple indulgence silk pillowcases, fresh flowers, long baths, chocolate
Favorite song right now Sweet Love Anita Baker

Style mantra MORE IS MORE
Album that always puts me in a great mood Best of Me, Anthony Hamilton

Style Icon(s) Diane Keaton, Leandra Cohen, Jen Gotch, Iris Apfel

A book you've read more than once Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand, A Return to Love - Marianne Williamson

Favorite piece of clothing right now vintage crop levis I scored from Foxhole in LA.
Favorite cocktail avo marg with salt

Who would you want to play you in your biopic Ali Wong
Netflix obsession The Great British Baking Show

Dream dinner party guests Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony Bourdain, Oprah
What’s your newest music discovery my old love for Joni Mitchell

Your favorite 3 things in your house Jason Craighead painting, hand painted ceramic tea set from Thailand, hanging rattan reading chair

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year Embrace the unexpected. So far, this year is nothing I could have ever predicted. From love to loss and achievement to failure. It’s been incredible every step of the way and I’m grateful to keep learning from every opportunity.

Book you're reading right now The Female Persuasion - Meg Wolitzer and When Things Fall Apart - Pema Chodron
Favorite place to buy clothes vintage stores, eBay, Zara

Favorite hotel Le Sirenuse Positano
Favorite restaurant in Raleigh Crawford & sons and stanbury
What would people be surprised to learn about you I played piano and clarinet for 8 years an I’m an excellent parallel parker, thank you very much


  1. Love the real Raleigh feature. Alysha has style I can only dream about...

  2. My fave series! I really love this one. I have to know where those dresses are from that she is holding in her closet- Love!

    1. Same!! Would love to know where those are from!

    2. Yes! I wish she had a fashion blog, I’d love to see more of her style

    3. Same! Came down to the comments to see if anyone knew where they were from :)

  3. Lovely woman and great style! I noted her address on the photo with the address stamp...perhaps for safety that should be blurred out? Just a suggestion sent with kindness.

  4. Cool. Nice T. I'm also reading FP - it's good, but also happens to have most stylish cover. Looks good laying anywhere.

  5. Such gorgeous photos! I want those lobster earrings... 😍

  6. The cat print is from a local trunk show at a girlfriend’s house. Unfortunately, there’s no tag on it. Sorry ladies, wish I had better news!!

  7. Great style! Anyone know where the lobster earrings are from? ❤️