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going back to the books.

By 6/18/2018

my personal pendulum is thankfully swinging back to real books and to magazines you can hold in the bath tub.  

for me, there is a magical intersection of aspiration meets inspiration in good old glossy shelter mags and design books (domino mastered this!) - that results in purpose.  aspiration is long game shit, you sort of wish you could be a certain way - and that's important!  equally so: inspiration, which is a call to action in the moment.  since i've been sucked into virtual loops of shit on my phone i don't need, i've starved myself of that impetus for interaction i used to be able to harness more easily. 

to pull up to that intersection again, i'm digging back into my sources - the design masters who put a little giddy up in my game.  all different, but all so good at what they do that just being exposed, without distraction, for a bit will incite me to do!  to move!  to change! 

my go-tos right now:

a really thorough look at the important elements that are critical in defining Anna's signature spaces: color, age, authenticity, energy and history.  the right mix of photos with commentary on the whys and hows of the process.

i love seeing how california style plays out through the lens of mark - it's relatable because there's a seemingly southern slant happening in his designs.  I always dig into his furniture layouts, how he mixes texture, and the way natural light plays such a role in his spaces.

let's be honest, kit kemp's designs are generally doing 'too much', but there's so much to learn from her honed in hotel approach to commercializing design.  with style bursting at the seams, it's easy to see how she's mastered the chic boutique hotel look - and that takes an expert who truly understands how people live.  layering in one-of-a-kind finds is her forte, and mixing patterns and periods is her sweet spot.  artwork is huge in her world, as well as wallpaper moments, murals and over-the-top installations.

we all dream of a beach house, and in mine, tom scheerer decorates it.  laid-back, easy, elegant - tom's designs are well-edited, no-nonsense and his spaces have the right ratio of modern simplicity, organic texture, and country chic.  on top of that, he always adds a little something that feels brave.  he takes a risk and rather than looking gaudy, it adds a breeze to his rooms that feels inviting.


  1. Anna Spiro's books is one of my favorites. I flip through it any time I need ideas for my house.
    You should think about turning your posts into a book!