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furbish + sabah pop-up shop in durham

By 6/14/2018

it's no secret that i'm a fan of sabah shoes - they're sort of the perfect blend of hipster meets an upper eastsider.  i hate to toss about a platitude, but lots of my favorite instagram girl-crushes wear them in such an effortlessly chic way.  like a more buttoned-up birkenstock, that says, 'hey, my toes aren't for everyone.'  they're leather, handmade by a family in Istanbul, some of the last traditional shoe-makers of their kind.

i had a great introductory brand experience with them.  jessica made the initial discovery, and led anna and i on a mission to find their charming, out-of-the-way townhouse that serves as a showroom in the east village.  we were hooked by the story, the lovely interaction with the proprietor and of course, the perfectly imperfect decor in the space.

since our visit, they've expanded from the original nyc location to five 'sabah houses' nationwide, plus they're on the road often, popping up in cool cities, adding new fans every day.

fast-forward to irl, and i'm stoked to have the chance to team up with the sabah team for a pop-up, here in durham at the Durham hotel, next monday night, and tuesday.  they'll be in town with all the cool colors, and lots of sizes, and we'll be bringing a secret stash of rugs we've been curating for this event.  be ready to instagram all the feets, because we're setting up a real feel situation for you.  cocktails in the penthouse, on the rooftop on monday, from 5 - 8pm, and shopping all day tuesday, from 11am - 8.

it's been a while since my raleigh peeps got to catch a furbish vibe, since we're just online now, so i'd love to see you guys and chat it up.  if you've been considering one of our amaze-ball rugs, we're coming in hot to durham, so come out and sip and see if you can't find a rug just for you.  i promise, they're even better in person.

so shoot me an email if you have questions, and if you're in town, why not make a durham moment out of it, shop a bit beforehand at extra-chic boutique vert & vogue (a great place to shop peppertrain earrings in person!), grab some dinner after at st. james or Mateo, and enjoy the vibe on the roof at the durham - it's a great hotel with an amazing view.

boom.  and such.