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The things i travel with - just the facts

By 5/22/2018 ,

i'm very grateful for the opportunity to travel a lot over the last few years.  if it's a kooky new country for a buying trip with anna and jessica, or a quick trip to nyc to tap into some of that crazy-creative energy, i've earned a boat-load of airline miles (huh?) and i've worked on streamlining my flying routine and am happy to share a few things i've found that are key to looking and feeling my best while taking a trip.  all my very own must-haves in the pic above, and i'll break it down a bit in the following:

sweater - a cardigan always on a flight.  the more i can burrow into it the better.  i have a disappointing track record of not sleeping a lick on planes, but i really feel the ultimate secret to success has to be in bundling.  i enjoy traveling in this cardigan from asos at the present, but an upgrade to shawl blanket type item is being researched.

earrings - these are always a call the morning of.  sometimes there's a tiny flicker of motivation to try at life stirring inside of you at 3:45am when you're getting dressed in the dark - so you throw on an easy pair, but sometimes the only thing - and i mean only thing on my mind those early-travel mornings is an everything bagel with jalapeño cream cheese from brueggers at the airport, so cute earrings don't make the list.  I feel better when they do though - you can cruise off the plane straight to a lunch, or a coffee catch-up meeting and you've got a little something going on.

nikes - these air forces ones are so freaking light.  like, i make everyone hold them so i can say, "see how light?" and they can be amazed.  it's a fact.  so they're easy to pack, but equally super-comfortable to travel in.  i think they're pretty dope, and at least two other teenagers will, so you've got fodder for new friendship, and they can do double-duty everyday shoes, and workout shoes.  bloop bloop.

good book - i think i don't read as much as I used to because i got a tv in the bedroom.  but, also worth considering,  i used to read every night to get to sleep, and lord knows i had a bevy of bullshit on my brain i was sorting through, so reading would start to filter out some of the more outrageous things and allow me to finally wind down.  as life would have it,  i find its a little easier, generally, to get to sleep at night now and unfortunately, my reading window has closed.  so i read almost exclusively on planes now.  i just finished this one. 

headphones - more than anything, i wear headphones to sleep.  i can't fit any earbuds in my ears (they're tiny i guess?) so i have to go with the bizness and these bose headphones do the trick for noise-cancelling.

comme des garçons shirts - just recently discovered their cute striped cotton long sleeved shirts, and i've been bringing a couple on trips.  really no matter the weather, they're a perfect, easy to stuff in a suitcase without wrinkling option for layering.

kiehl's mist - i get super dry on planes.  really kinda all the time these days.  this mist, if nothing, smells great and is refreshing and cool on tired, parched skin when you land, but it also boosts tibetan ginseng which increases skin-cell respiration.

hand cream - again with kiehl's but this is the best hand cream I've found.  it's super velvety and feels actually nurturing and the smell is everything.   it's travel size too.

batiste dry shampoo  - i put this on the night before I fly.  if i wash my hair before bed, i wake up with it kinda limp and bleh, so i add some of this to the roots and it gives it a lil life, plus it smells delicious.

melatonin - if I'm headed to a different time-zone for a bit, partially to Colorado or California, I'll take a melatonin at the front and back end of the trip to give myself a fighting chance of getting a good night's sleep during the transition.  I have gnarly dreams when I take it - those epic soap-opera worthy dramas.  kinda the best.


  1. The cover photo is so well put together. The different colors somehow go along with each other. Btw, we have four hotels in Manhattan. You should totally stop by one day! ✿