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my (surprisingly good) edit of the huge nordstrom sale

By 5/25/2018

in the retail world, nordstrom's half-yearly sale has hurricane-force winds, yet to me, it sort of saunters by with a gentle puff (noted, but not-interested) - HOWEVER! i must've gotten caught up in a gust this year, because i dug in and found some really GOOD things - it was actually a bit of a breeze.

WTF with this wind metaphor?!?!  dumb.

in all seriousness, some of these finds are actually quite dope.  up to 40% on some isabel marant items, a couple of major-scores on coats, vans for like $40, two options for freaking cashmere leggings, and the right pair of levis for $60.  some of this stuff is pricey, and i don't mean to be an asshole with the fancy thangs, but really, if you were ever going to buy, wouldn't this be the time to invest now when the getting is guhd?  i doth protest the time is now.  okurrrrrrr!

trench coat / peplum tee / blue wool coat / varsity cardigan / joggers / flare hem dress
shirtdress // tassel earrings // levi's // bomber jacket // scallop waist skirt // embroidered blouse
ruffle one-piece // high-waisted leggings // cowl neck dress / cashmere cropped pants // vans // cashmere sweatpants
leather dress // utility raincoat // asymmetrical skirt // embroidered blouse // fringe sandal // merino sweater