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best of :: wisteria

By 5/23/2018

i've been using wisteria to source furniture and decor more and more with my design clients lately - when you can catch a sale, they have amazing simple and chic pieces that look much more expensive than they are, and are extremely high-quality, i think.

i noticed last night they've started their memorial day sale - and it's a deal: 25% off the entire site (use code salute25).  i rounded up a few things i think are exceptional, and all but a couple i've actually ordered in the past 6 months for decorating projects.  my faves - the ones with the little red hearts.

in all seriousness though (a phrase my mother loved to use to quell nonsense from my dad and me), this stuff is a steal right now - if you have any questions, shoot me an email.  we've literally worked with about all of it, so i can always offer my two to six or seven cents on it.

round mirror // white chair // pedestal table // sconce // yellow sofa // woven high back chair // blue and white jar // tiered console // black lamp // green bone garden stool // wood s-table // lucite desk // distressed mirror // leather woven chair // marble and wood dining table