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going into the homes of our favorite decorators

By 4/02/2018

if you have a few hours to fall down a hole with me, i invite you to dig into these great videos produced by susanna salk 'quintessence at home'.  She's gone into just about every home we all want to, and filmed these amazingly candid,  really special peeks into decorators homes, with a different perspective than we've seen before.  it's pretty cool to see all these spaces in 3-dimensions.  here are a few of my faves. (be sure to check out patina farm - the tv solution is genius.  and the goats!)


  1. I stumbled on to these a couple of years ago during an unusual snow week in ATL and binge watched them. I'm embarrassed to say how many times I've rewatched some of them. There's nothing this good on HGTV or anywhere else I try to seek something design-ish to watch!