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fryday clicks

By 3/16/2018

a woman at the airport had these on and i found them very alluring.

unrelated, i justi found her blog and i really like her style.

moving along,

this removable wallpaper!!!

she fancy.

this podcast was super-inspiring and led me down a deep instagram hole of new fascination with ruthie lindsey.

my therapist gave me this book two weeks ago and it's MONUMENTALLY affected my thinking
1 - don't take things personally
2 - be impeccable with your work
3 - do your best
4 - don't assume

pierre frey wallpaper.  why don't i think about it more often?
shut up with this.
just be quiet with this.
are you kidding with this?
and i really can't even with this.

the sun is out, the birds are chirping, the schnauzies are clean and i don't feel fat today.  truly, a time to be alive has never been such as this one.  have a good weekend.


  1. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for the book recommendation, it looks really good!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I think that it's so important not to take things personally and never assume either!


  3. Always good to have clean schnauzies and love the sneaks...

  4. livelovesara.com
    i love this!
    sent the link to two of my daughters -
    you always give the best recommendations!

  5. Read this book several years ago!