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cardigan, and again.

By 3/27/2018

i'd say i'm living a cardigan lifestyle these days. i've certainly made the move to wanting to wear comfortable things over tighter, ill-fitting, real housewives reunion get-up, and cardigans are becoming a staple.

i always fly in a long one.  i have two i switch out when the other can no longer withstand the world without a dry clean.  they're perfect for chilly planes, and i like how they add a little touch of magicry (made that up) and allure when they swoop out behind you a bit when you're rushing through the airport looking like you're not rushing.

i feel like they're fairly appropriate for spring, and it always looks more pulled together to have two things compared to just one.  you took the time.

on the other hand, they're a lot like a bathrobe sometimes in their casual nature, and i love that equally about them.

i like them so much i decided i needed to be more intentional about my cardigan purchases -- less happenstance, like grabbing that old aztecy one i got at urban outfitters when i wore sparkly toms.  ( i still wear it though).  with a higher purpose in mind, i took to the interwebs and i'd like to offer up these, my cultivated and curated cardigan choices, for living your very best cardi-b-gan life (lots under 50!).

Micha Lounge Oversized Bell Sleeve Cardigan

selected femme oversized cardigan
oversize boyfriend cardigan

open front sweater blazer
oversized chunky cardigan

knit your love cardigan in army green

eco chunky cardigan in soft yarn

oneon hand-knitted cable cardigan
drop shoulder cableknit cardigan

alpaca wool blend cable knit cardigan


  1. Would love to see some of your styled outfits with said cardigans. Maybe in your Insta stories???

  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BfcMs1anruC/?hl=en

  3. Go to Barefoot Dreams and try their cardigans and wraps. Softest ever....