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the week's great questions .... unanswered

By 2/08/2018

i'm back home in raleigh for a spell - the bag is unpacked. the house is clean. laundry is catching up, i've already rearranged some art, a chair, and broken a table lamp. tomorrow i'll get some tulips, dog food and trash bags, and life will pick right back up here.

it's new being in so many spots - well, pretty much everything is new, spots and all. but i'm welcoming it. i was needing new, and i got it in spades (did you know that saying comes from bridge - spades is the top suit?). i imagine i'll start living in colorado part time, i'm not entirely sure what that looks like - but i'm getting the hang of it all. furbish and my friends and my pups are here in raleigh, so i'll always be, but i'm getting to experience so many new things -- i've never lived anywhere but north carolina!

the downside, my fridge is absurdly empty right now. it's very tough, being gone so often, to keep a respectable fridge game up. i was thinking earlier, if i could live on 10 things, grocery store things, and i think i probably could, they'd be
-half & half
-pom juice
-morning star farms spicy sausage stuff
-lemon luna bars
-arrabbiata sauce
-white wine for jeff (everyone knows i hate it)

i could make it, i swear.

sorting through my suitcase tonight, i was once again reminded, i no joke do not understand what is right and appropriate in denim lately. i just went through my closet and took at least 20 pairs of jeans out of the rotation, purely out of confusion. tight is not right. flares require big shoes, and that look requires too much energy. there were a few army green moments i pulled out because they didn't seem cute anymore. i still think the white jeans are an acceptable diversion but they're damn near suffocating these days -- and i know why. it's because of the MOM JEANS.

they're ruining everything. i'm wearing them, some - but it's more like a sticky name badge at an event where it's clearly not acceptable to be the 'cool one' who doesn't wear it, so you mash it on and feel like an idiot sipping a terrible white wine (everyone knows you hate it) and for putting a stupid sticker on your boob slope (everyone knows you hate it).

i'm totally on board with the high-waisted situation, but it's the foophah and the elongated butt i can't understand. why are we all trying to look like oprah when she wheeled out the fat wagon??


i can't spell anymore because of autocorrect and predictive texting. thinking isn't something that's required of me much these days. yet to decide what to do with those extra brain units i am no longer using. perhaps pay more attention to pop-culture happenings. cardi b really snuck up on me. i didn't know she was a thing.

same with kylie's baby.

in other news, anna gave me an extremely late, but exceptionally thoughtful xmas gift in nyc - she'd found an artist who sketches iconic new york restaurants and she knew i had a soft spot for bar six in the west village. i got the cutest little print of my one of my nyc faves. i need to get a little frame for it - right now it's just living its life propped in the kitchen window sill.

i haven't bought a thing for myself of late - but i did squander one of these new pouches from furbish for a new evening time clutch. it makes me happy.

and speaking of happy, tomorrow i'll get the schnauzies from brian (we're adept at sharing) and i'd like to go see the shape of water. it's supposed to be 70 degrees and raining all weekend. i think i'll wear a hat, and maybe get my nails done like this. or this.

also i need a book rec, pls. just finished this which i read in approx. 23 minutes and was thoroughly entertained.


  1. So these high rise jeans are amazing (in jaguar) https://www.ayr.com/products/hi-rise-skinny#30148493708 and two books in my amazon cart are:
    How to Stop Time by Matt Haig
    The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

  2. you forgot hot Cheetos

  3. I love it. You are so so so right about the mom jeans. I love the way the tuck looks in the front, but I am so sure my husband looks at my ass and is like "wtf?" Also, I bought that coate on the RH side bc of you and I love it. Also I must try Bar 6.

  4. I just finished The Woman in the Window. Fast paced with many twists and turns, couldn't put it down!

  5. loved reading this....Jamie, you're a good writer. Your 'new' sounds exciting to me. I've been married, and lived in the same house, for 38 years. My sister lives in Colorado. Everyone seems to love it there. Good luck with your 'new.'

  6. I am so on board with you on the jeans. I bought a pair from Everlane and I've worn them exactly twice. Meanwhile my Old Navy short length Rockstar jeans, either on me or in the wash. I don't need a long ass.

    As for the food game, I hear good things about Amazon Fresh. Might make your life easier to have a little saved shopping list that you can easily reorder as needed. Currently reading this for my book club:

    Read a few from Leanne Moriarity (Big Little Lies) that have been enjoyable.

  7. Do Not Become Alarmed is great. You can also read it in about 15 min :)