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a (shortened) treastise on why rugs.

By 2/13/2018

there's a new batch of rugs online at furbish today - 25 of them, and i've said it before but this time - this TIME! they are really the most spectacular.  recently we've shifted a ton of our business to rugs - i've nailed down a few great suppliers who keep the magic coming, and it's something i wholeheartedly dig the most.  vintage rugs can change the entire game in your home - they say you appreciate the old, you know how to mix with the new, and you're not afraid of anything too precious.  i've never met a person with a houseful of rugs i didn't admire.

through all the shenanigans, and moving around i've done in the past few years, my rugs have always made the trek with me. surprisingly, you just find a place to put them. and they make it home, wherever you go - i've found.

i remember when i bought my first one. i was 23, and my boss was sufficiently fancier than i was. she took me to a persian rug sale and i was making a little money, a little more than i knew what to do with, so i spent too much on a little 4' x 6' number that called to my naive country-self -- it had some pink and some sassiness about it (i'll take it).  i took it home and marveled at it a bit - it might've been the most expensive thing i owned at the time (it was all of $1500 maybe?). i moved it around - where am i supposed to put this thing? - and it tried to be an entry rug, it lived in an extra bedroom, it really made the rounds, until --- it ended up in the house brian and i bought, in the closet, and it lived there for 10 years, making me so happy and equally fancy every day.  and because of that experience, i 1) swear by a rug in the closet to make you feel your best self, and 2) advocate buying a rug you love even if you have no idea where it will live.  now that rug lives in my bathroom - a rental that had the dooky-brownest masterbath you've ever laid eyes on, but! i threw in my classy rug and now it's practically the royal west indies up in there. it saved the room. who knows where it will go next, or where the runner i bought for the basement that ended up in my closet now will go, or the kitchen rug that's threadbare and stained but has raised two pups as their 'playrug', where they get the best traction to attack your brother, shake your toy to death, or learn how to lay down and halfway over.  it'll all keep moving, i can count on that.

i'm not trying to proselytizing you to buy my rugs, but i am. i'm 1000% sure if you see one, and it gives you a certain special kind of feelz, you'll find the spot for it. and the spot may change, but the feelz won't.

here are a few that my 23 year old self all the way to my now self would love to have:

check them all out here - and of course, email us with questions, or more info! we're just here to help situate you so you can live your best, on a soft pink rug.


  1. Ha! My not-23 year old self (cough 52) just spent $1200 on a vintage sumac and thought I might faint. I now want to live in the room where it resides. Those examples above make me want to drop some cash, for sure!

  2. These are SO pretty! Unfortunately, I've learned the hard way that stored rugs get destroyed by moths in my house. So gross!

  3. Where are your shoes from???

  4. I came home from Morocco with 6 rugs that all live under my bed because my entire Hong Kong flat is probably the size of your dooky-brown bathroom. Someday those rugs will rock my world.