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having a moment

By 1/27/2018

indulge me, but i'm having a moment with decorating where i'm interested in less stuff, and more substantial beautiful things that can make a statement on their own.

this is not because i have developed an elevated design sense -- it's purely out of necessity because 1) i'm in a rental 2) i gave more than half my shit away and 3) i have no money.

that being said, i know we've all fan-girled over jenna lyons assorted digs, but i've never been head over heels for her style.  until now.  the new me wants white walls, modern lines, antiqued mirrors, abstract artwork, moroccan rugs (see how see layered them - love that) lots of interesting seating and a major mix of textures.

sofa // sconce // screen // abstract art // sheepskin // yellow chair // moroccan rug // gold mirror // botanical art // white chair // leopard floor pillow // malachite box // coffee table


  1. I feel sort of silly for asking this, but is 1560 for the coffee table a steal? Part of me thinks that that label was in the wrong place, part of me feels like I just need to be educated on the proper price for things?

  2. Jenna will forever be cool in my book! Hope you will look at the faux malachite box I have in my etsy shop at www.LadyEM2.etsy.com
    Get the look for less!