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By 12/19/2017

here are the things i have to report:

you know the feeling where you'd rather grow old and die like tomorrow rather than wash the makeup off your face before you go to bed?  i'm feeling that right. now.

rowdy is approved as an emotional support animal and is flying back with me to aspen in late january.  major is not supportive, in that he is an adorable jerk, and he will stay with his dad, whilst rowdy lives his best mountain lifestyle.  i haven't traveled with rowdy before, but he’s decidedly an old dog that can learn new tricks.  if you have advice, now's the time - I’ll take it!

moving along, i found this jacket at club monaco here in aspen - it was on sale plus an extra 30% off (makes it that's a freaking deal) and i think it makes me look a reporter for a women's fashion journal, maybe just a regional one.  and i like that.  i got a small, but could also swing a medium with big sweaters underneath.

i also brought this faux fur from home - i got it at h&m before we left.  i've never been much of a furrier, but the cold here is real life, and fuzz provides warmth, so this girl is on fire in bright orange with red hair.

i'm making a list of the 17 best things that happened to me in 2017.  or at least most memorable, and exciting.  happy things - thoughtful things.  i think it's important so i'm starting now.

number 18 on the list is the sushi at matsuhisa here.  it's exceptional, like paint with all the colors of the wind exceptional.  surely if i had a real coat of fur, like on me, like a hide, i'd be glistening from all the good fish oils.

i don't know shit about makeup - my mom and i missed that moment of training.  but i do know that before a party a few weeks ago, asher and i googled 'how to do a smokey eye', and found this and i've been doing it ever since and kinda killing it.

this sam smith remix gives me feels.

i'm 100% ready to tell you that i am 98% confident that the mix of this face cream and this eye stuff at night is making my face luscious and sheenful.  and the best part: i look smart.  because it costs like $40 all in.  how bout dat.

and finally, if you waited til the last minute to get the gifts, might i suggest a gift card from furbish that will be delivered directly to your inbox ready to print and present.  plus, they're 20% off - so you spend $80 and get a $100 credit.  treat yourself.  treat everybody.


  1. Um so you really don't require an emotional support animal when you fly?

  2. I love your coat!

  3. Love these posts from you, keep them coming please! Also loving that white sweater, can you tell us where you picked that up, too?

  4. I think you lost me on this one. Fancy people flying to Aspen with their "emotional support" animals fall into the category of what is wrong with this country these days. As my teenage kids say to me after saying something offensive. No offense.

    1. i have to say, i think fancy is a relative term.

      as for bringing rowdy, i love him. he's my dog. he's 9. i only get to spend half of the rest of his life with him, so the idea of bringing him to colorado when i come makes me happy.

      your teenage kid just gets to hop on a plane and go with you where ever you choose. fancy or not.

      i have to fill out forms, and apply and pay and stress and plan and inform to bring my family on a plane.

    2. I do not doubt that you love Rowdy. After following your blog for years, I love Rowdy. He's adorable and no doubt very well behaved. I also love my dog and consider her family. But I still think that is not the point. A law was passed in this country to benefit those who truly need their animal to function. The law does not say "if you love your dog and consider them family, they can fly." As a society, we have decided that this disability trumps allergies, fear of dogs, dislike of dogs, airlines that just don't want to have dogs etc. It's admirable. And if you have an emotional support dog, it is my understanding that airlines are not permitted to charge airfare for your dog (as they do for my children), landlords can not charge a pet fee for an apartment etc. There are a whole slew of rights for owners and their emotional support animals...because we care about the disabled. (And I suspect, though admit that I don't know the medical standards, that either you or your doctor had to make a representation that was not totally honest in regard to the letter or spirit of this law.)

      I know that there are endless businesses on the internet waiting to help anyone qualify their animal. But it seems to me that if too many people abuse the rules, we as a society will reject the whole concept to the detriment of the truly disabled.

      I would not have a problem if airlines had a system to allow well behaved animals to buy tickets on flights (I adore dogs.) But they don't. The other reply states that "we can't decide the needs of other people," but that is what our laws do all the time. It's a social compact to protect the vulnerable. When people take advantage of the laws in the name of #selfcare, many of their fellow citizens may see it as #selfish, and the social compact is a little less secure. When I say this is what's wrong with our country, the ideas I am considering are civility, adherence to the rule of law, honesty (true facts), concern for the common good, etc. Ideas that seem so shaky these days. I realize that is a lot to lay on poor Rowdy.

      I try never to hate on the internet. I have followed your blog for years and admire your style and curiosity. And you seem like someone who can take honest feed back.

  5. As a person with a support dog I can say that the last thing wrong with this country are fancy people with support dogs who might not need them as much as I do. We can't decide the needs of other people and so long as Rowdy is properly trained and considerate of the people around him I say bravo! When you need one, others need not understand. #SelfCare

  6. Many airlines restrict the number of animals that can fly in the cabin per flight. Could impact those legitimate folks wanting to fly but the limit is reached by "Emotional Support Animals" that are documented for convenience. I supposed since you fly back and forth fairly often the savings will be considerable.