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kale me crazy!

By 11/13/2017

opening your own business takes a certain type of person. confident, sometimes to a fault - you have to be, because you can't see anything but success coming or you'd run.  smart, because you're essentially taking on the job of at least 4 people when you start - a creative lead, a salesman, a bookkeeper and a janitor.   add to that hardworking, self-starting, goal-driven and most importantly - a charmer (you've got to convince everyone else you've got the goods. the goodest goods).

however, it's not essential to be incredibly handsome, a consummate gentleman, world-traveled, well-dressed, ridiculously fun and know the words to every madonna song - but my bf jeff happens to be all of the above.  and i couldn't be more proud of him for taking the entrepreneurial leap and opening his own business - kale me crazy - a chic superfood cafe serving fresh pressed juices, smoothies, cleanses and extra-healthy salads, bowls and wraps.

our friends have made it a sunday morning must to stop by kale me crazy for pain-killer shots, an iced power latte or matcha tea and a killer poke bowl to make things right again.  it's very LA of us, all this healthy living (there's a core power yoga next door so you can really do the whole deal).


i consider myself a fairly healthy eater, but there's so much pressure from the goops and the kourtney kardashian to get all the fruits and veggies in everyday.  it's tough, especially when i'm traveling - we get back and the fridge is bare, so i've made a habit of having jeff drop off a few juices at the beginning of the week so i can grab one for lunch or on-the-go before workouts in the evening.  

weekly juicing has kind of been a game changer for me.  i'm glowing and fertile and smarter and have better shoes and more friends because of it.  that's not true.  but i do have tons of energy and my skin is kind of having a moment ... i'd like to think it's extra h2o, all the juicing and 4million dollars of retinol.

you should stop by and see jeff. he's doing that charming thing and would love to treat you to a smoothie or a juice - just mention my blog and i'm positive you'll be quick friends and instantly better looking and overflowing with health and wellness.


  1. Please share who made your wedge black slides. My heart is literally aching right now! where can i get these??!!??

    1. they're older, from Vince, but i bet you can find them on ebay!

    2. I will obsessively search until i do! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Congrats to Jeff! I worked with him many years ago at Marshall Field's. Happy to see him doing well!