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how i afford to frame

By 10/23/2017

i know i always claim that i love each and every pop-up shop that furbish features, and that i snag a piece here and i snag a piece there - but here's the thing: i really really do.  we have featured over 40 artists since we started this thang over 3 years ago and to say i am out of wall space is an understatement.  art is now hanging on shelves, propped on the floor, even stuck to the refridgerator.  as i sit typing this in my office, just the wall in front of me hosts pieces from blakely little, theresa drapkin, jenny andrews anderson, camilla perkins and dorothy shain.  

and my secret to keeping this collection looking chic and cultivated: framebridge.  i've shared with you a few of the textiles i've framed with them, and their instagram minis were the 'it' gift with my friends last christmas, but i haven't harked about their anything-but-basic framing of works on paper.

just last week i received my kayce hughes painting back, newly custom framed in gold - and it looks like a zillion bucks.  if i'd taken this large piece to jerry's or michael's or any of those old options, i'm serious, this frame would've been at least $350.  even with the amazing-but-not constant coupon 'deals' they run.

instead, i framebridged, and guess how much i spent, total.  no - guess.  go look again.  so good, right?

it was $150 - free shipping, pre-paid label to send in your art, all the things - jut $150.

this amazes me, and allows me to keep squirrelling away artwork from the amazing artists we feature each month.  i just sent in my william mclure collage, and next 4 lucy auge botanicals i've been scheming on.  the smaller pieces will only be $79 - a steal!

this is totally my own opinion - i just have strong feelz, being an art collector and purveyor to the stars (you), that this is a great service at an affordable price with really quality products.   you should try it - we're featuring a series of original face paintings by leslie weaver tomorrow at 12pm and they would look really smart matted and framed.  if it's your first time, use code furbishframe15 to save 15% making it even more of a steal!


  1. Going to check them out NOW! Gotta get that beauty framed and hung soon.