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fall 5 - jeff hutto

By 9/28/2017

with fall comes an amazing anticipation of change - and it's totally warranted. the weather, foremost - it changes our wardrobe, our activities, our meals.  the shorter days mean more time inside - an opportunity to get cozier - in our homes, with our friends and family, and in our clothes (who's not perennially excited about pulling out their sweaters??) - we draw in, while appreciating what's happening outside, as the leaves change, a chill spikes the air and the day turns dark sooner.

i asked my friends here in raleigh what they were most looking forward to this fall, and i'll be sharing their feels on the blog as the season steadily shifts here in north carolina, starting with my bff jeff.

lanvin jacket // allsaints chinos // gap + gq collab // a collected gallery wall from trnk


  1. This is interesting and a great idea as everyone loves Fall!! I look forward to reading the upcoming posts. ;)