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behind the scenes

By 9/20/2017

asher and i went to the vermillion fashion show, and then i had two glasses of wine at coquette and started taking pictures of myself.  earrings from here.
anna is getting straight in her new house and snapped this pic of the entryway.  let's start a gofundme to get a new orchid for her?  (also, how cute is the framed meno from Indochine in the center?).  the big piece by claireborne colombu

jessica likes to keep things very calm and neutral in the bedroom.  she added our indian palm pillow to really tone it down -clearly it's working.  art from here, duvet here

i put all my shit in a pile and thought it was pretty.  yellow pom pom earrings from here, gold are lizzie fortunato, other gold from here

anna also went to hawaii last week and ate all the poke and all the fishes and all the sushi.  

jessica had a birthday and her greatest friend gave her these flowers (me).  art by catherine b jones (mark your calendar - pop-up with furbish 11/7!)
the light was just right in the bedroom so i snapped a shelfie
a lunch from her recent trip to paris - looks so delish.

anna's dog juney-b who promptly pooped on the bed right after this photo.  suzani from furbish.


  1. Anna's embroidered bedspread is gorgeous! Jessica's grouping of bowl paintings is lovely too.

    Love this behind the scenes post :-)

    A little behind the scenes of our current design process in Bali, if you'd like to check it out: http://www.thislifeisbelle.com/home/2017/9/12/tropical-modern