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artist kerry steele

By 9/15/2017

this morning we're launching a new pop-up with charleston painter kerry steele. in a town that's producing some of the best new creative talents, steele finds inspiration painting at charleston's redux studio alongside artists like kate long stevenson and anna sims king. we're excited to offer 30 exclusive works of hers, on paper and canvas, in bold colors, with bright brushstrokes and decidedly feminine flourishes. here's a little more about kerry, and you can checkout the pop-up shop here at 11am.

Fave new artist Tim Hussey. His work is so wonderful. I have a piece I bought last year at the Redux art auction by him and I just took it to be framed today! But seriously I love his work.

fave old artist either Botticelli or Joan Mitchell. There's a difference.

most exciting place you've seen your work installed?  Traditional Home magazine. I love the magazine so I kind of had a moment of cuckoo with that one.  also a lisa mende room at the high point showhouse has a large piece

your paintings have a very sexy energy to me - do you find that painting expresses your Femininity? Yes, I know they are very feminine because I can't help but be girlie. They also represent moments in time and what I am feeling at that moment.
It's hard for most people to understand that I generally start a painting just knowing whether it will be colorful or neutral, no ideas really. I just work through it on canvas.
fave interior designer I know so many designers that I work with but one I don't know is Miles Redd. I love his mixed up beauty. Plus about 50 others HA!

why is art important in design? It is a one of a kind thing that your neighbor can never have and it can really elevate the space.

describe an average day My day of painting looks like getting my 8 year-old off to school and taking some quiet time. If I'm painting at home I get to work in my jammies. If I'm going in to Redux I shower and get out the door. Everyday is different. Somedays I photograph and edit those photos and don't paint much at all. Other days, my favorite, are spent experimenting with color and application of paint.


  1. I have a sailboat that Kerry painted in my master bedroom and it is a favorite. Such a talented artist not to mention the nicest!! Happy weekend, Jamie!

  2. I just LOVE Kerry's work. I have several of her pieces, and each one has it's own life and energy. Such talent and such beautiful work!