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very, very smart ideas.

By 8/15/2017

why does trump insist on repeating words like that?  i read that he gets caught somewhere between an idea and an emotion and the repetition is a trick to try and sell not only all of us, but also himself.  it's also a stall tactic when you have nothing to say.

that being said... i have a little something to say, and it's not political.

how smart are these vinyl tiles that for all intents and purposes look like the real thing, but are a fraction of the cost, removable, and a genius idea for renters like myself with serious situations in the bath and kitchen?  they're self-adhesive, can be trimmed to size, and water and heat resistant!  very, very impressive.  tremendous.  buy many, many.  believe me.


  1. Man, I wish I knew about these when I lived in a gloriously located but hideously kichen-ed/bath-ed apartment after my divorce.