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By 8/04/2017

i went to mexico last thanksgiving and found that to be an enjoyable way to spend the holiday, so we're going to go back again. i've been researching merida, the capital of yucat√°n- the city is experiencing a revitalization and a creative boom.

from conde nast : 'over the last 15 years or so, a small but growing group of artists, collectors, designers, and antiques dealers began moving in, lending the city the sort of creative energy you find in places like the Berkshires, Marfa, or Tangier', - and they're all building their dream houses for next to nothing.  you can rent amazing spots like these for around $100 a night.  here's another good article about the town.

anyone been?

on another note, i'm particularly digging these kafka covers design by peter mendelsund.  my english major didn't require a very deep dive into kafka, thankfully - i've found it easier to digest lately - well.  easier is not the word.  but it's better than being forced to read it.  THE POINT IS.  the covers are attactive.  i picked up this little hardback and i find it pleasing on the coffee table.

moving along, jessica and i were sourcing some euroshams for an e-design client yesterday, and i feel compelled to share our discovery - two super-classy finds, both affordable from one king's lane.  aren't they good looking?  the second one is only $79!

how attractive is this storage ottoman?  and i dig this chair too.  all of katie leede's collection for OKL is pretty cute.

also worth sharing - i was gifted this hand soap months ago, and now it's become a thing - when friends come over, i find them at the kitchen sink, with a guilty side eye, obsessing over how amazing this soap smells.  it's practically perfume that sticks with you for hours.  treat yourself.

the nordstrom anniversary sale ends this weekend - i picked up this oversized plaid shirt, a cashmere cardigan and these cropped pants.  now you know.

this pretty rug is new on the site this week - 3.'6 x 10' is such a perfect size to try in a kitchen.  clients ask all the time if it's crazy to put a rug down where you're cooking - it might get wet, stains, drips... but it's actually perfect because vintage rugs are beasts at hiding wear and tear.  they really do get better with age - they couldn't be more forgiving.  this one is pretty freaking magical too (and on major sale).  i'd love to do a staircase with old rugs, right?  the corlu and sanibel would be excellent for a project like that.

and finally, check out this article - 3 women over 70 share what they've learned so far in their lives.  have a great weekend!


  1. I travel to Mexico a lot and like the pictures you shared above, some of the way houses are decorated there are really amazing. Generally many places like the one above really do a great job of using bright colors and patterns!