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miracles of all sorts.

By 8/28/2017

my first trip to red rocks - and it was amazing.  there's a pretty profound feeling that happens when you climb up those stairs and the rocks soar up out of the ampitheatre, the light changes from dusk to darkness and the stars shine brighter over the stage than the ones you came to see.  we spent a few days with friends jamestown revival - they started in denver opening for trombone shorty (so good!) and onto aspen where they sold out belly up.

in denver, we met this giraffe family at the zoo - dobby, a 6 month old baby, was a surprise pregnancy!  her mom was the oldest giraffe at the zoo (23 - and giraffe's usually live to 25!) and she was on birth control when she conceived!  giraffes seem like miracles regardless... they are absolutely mesmorizing with their knobby gangly legs and long lean necks.  it's like a horse and a camel and a stork tried to work out a problem, and we got giraffes.

onto aspen where we met this furball - rocky, the hotel jerome's bernese mountain dog.  he politely stayed behind the desk, because he fancy, but we finally lured him out with some treats.
in apsen, i always do a little more grazing than shopping.  this is the camo sweater i blogged about last week - every salesgirl in jcrew was wearing it. 
i stopped in maker + place for the first time.  it's an open studio, store and workspace featuring a few artists at a time.  i was stoked to see caroline hurley's linens in this pretty display.  i love her multi-colored joshua tree print - it's perfect for the fall as a tablecloth or an extra layer on the bed when it gets chilly.
i picked up some vibes for the boyfriend's mountain house - it's getting a bit of a makeover this winter.

i also picked up some vibes at the gucci store, then put them down quickly.  (lurve this bag though)
vibes.  now walk away.  or get you one girl.
vibes.  leave, fast.  or don't.  treat yourself.
we're not at home in raleigh together a ton, but when we are, the boyfriend brangs it with date night.  positively pleased to post up at the coffee table and watch a movie together - it's good to be home, for a little while.

off again, to nyc - checking out new wallpaper by nathan turner and clare vivier.  love this malibu inspired print
so cute, right?
and john derian never fails to deliver the goodness at NYIGF

super-soft tie-dyed blankets coming to furbish soon!

scooped up these coasters for the holiday season - perfect hostess gifts and stocking stuffers
not the best pic, but i was so inpsired by the entire situation at the new-ish ulla johnson store in nyc.  the cushion in the dressing room made from vintage african cloth was everything.

warm in nolita is always so well merchandised and constantly updated.  i could cruise around that neighborhood forever.  so many good shops, eats and people watching.

a stop by one of our fave rug dealers to pick up a few special sizes for decorating clients.

feeling crafty so we picked up some beads for experimenting

m&j trims is having a major patch moment, so jessica and i both went in with a jacket and choose a few to iron on
they'll actually apply them there in the store for you, for just a bit more, so i went ahead and made it all happen.

more ideas, more wonder if we could...., more experimenting.  nyc is the place for that right?