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tables get turnt

By 7/07/2017

there was word of a new tableksirt in my life, and she's finally ready for her closeup.

i love a skirted table tucked back into a corner - it's just what this little book needed.  the right fabric paired with the perfect trim can make a too-traditional piece feel fresh in a room.

i was super stoked to work with schumacher on getting this project just right.  i'd had my eye on miles redd's deconstructed stripe for a long time, but didn't know where i'd use it. inspiration struck at just the right time - schumacher has new trims in their library, so i searched for just the right style to work with my new-agey modern stripe, and voila - my creation came together.

i discovered one particular style of trim i was extra-into and ordered several colorways in it -- when the samples arrived, the red was even better than expected.  the ethnic inspired embroidery and the natural background made an chic combo with the bright energetic stripes.  a skirted table is already extra-elegant but adding a tier of trim to the bottom really next-levels it in my opinion.  bespoke is always better!

my seamstress had just enough fabric left for the fronts of two pillows, so she whipped up these for my sofa. such a good trick to stretch leftover fabric - simply pair with a coordinating solid on the back, and use the print for the piping, if you can.  a budget fix that ends up looking purposeful!

i'm digging the mix of the schumacher's miles redd fabric with my peter dunham pillows and a special one-of-a-kind embroidered indian pillow from furbish.

another corner of the room carries the formulatic mix over - a little modern, touch of traditional, ethnic textiles to add a bit of age and interest, and a peter dunham print for a sunny west-coast vibe (and i'll put a patterned lampshade just about anywhere i can - this is just a simple swing-arm lamp from crate & barrel with an unexpected upgrade).

i'm happy to finally be decorating a bit in the new house - it's been a hot minute since i invested in new pieces.  with all the moving, i'd amassed so many things that it felt insane to add more before i sorted through what was staying in my life.  it's nice to have edited down to things that i really love and want to live with.  as i have tattooed on my arm, essentially, if you think you've figured it out, start over.

i know my must-haves in personal design now - there will always be blue and white, red works it's way in too but always with a burst rather than a burden.  ethnic elements come out in embroidered details, collected textiles, and vintage finds. old has to be paired with new, and graphic black and white keeps things feeling cohesive and crisp.  as best i can, i aspire to mix high with low - the tableskirt will stay with me for decades, but the lamps can be thrifted, the collectibles can keep moving, and the yard will always have something fresh to snip for a vase.

my living room feels cozy but not cramped, collected but not cluttered and decidedly me -- at least who i am right now. it's a fun time to be inspired again - and doing it a bit differently.

i collaborated with schumacher for this post - you can get fresh inspiration and gorgeous good delivered to your inbox by signing up for their design newsletter!


  1. Even though this was a sponsored post, it was one I really, really enjoyed. I loved seeing how you piece things together and how you've honed in on your personal style. Thank you for letting us into your life!

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  3. I love your blue couch so much! You mentioned before that its Lee industries. Is it also a Lee industries fabric? Do you mind sharing what fabric you chose? Thank You!

    1. i would also love to know which sofa and fabric this is. it looks gorgeous!