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nordstrom anniversary sale, and other things i don't know about

By 7/12/2017

so, this whole nordstrom anniversary sale situation starts tomorrow, and it's like, a requirement, as a blogger that i inform you of it.  it's interesting, because you have no idea what will be on sale - it's not clearance, it's new fall items that are deeply discounted, so there's definitely some great deals to discover.

there are plenty of bloggers who practically specialize in the science of this sale, so i won't pretend for a second i know any tricks for tackling it.  here's what i know - these are the items i'm sold on, because i've purchased and they're proven, or, because i've had my eye on them for a good while.  i do think some of them will be on sale, so i hear through the grapevine-- we shall see!

tomorrow early access starts for card holders - if you're extra excited, go ahead and sign up for one and get in there.  otherwise, start scouting and get ready to save on the 21st when the sale opens to the public.

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  1. I've never attempted this sale... I'm not a shopper at all and it seems intimidating (because I once tried the Lily Pulitzer sale for my daughter and my computer was frozen by it -IDK, but really it's a clothing sale!) BUT those Lowland Boots are to die for!! I couldn't pull them off but I hope you get them! They are crazy amazing!

  2. I love your take on the sale and picks are spot on, best blogger review yet.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Out of the 5 million posts i've seen on the sale, this one is my favorite haha