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By 7/28/2017

i've been in colorado for the past two weeks, and this view never gets old.  whether i'm driving over the watson divide and the valley opens up all of a sudden below you, or we're venturing into town for the night and the sun catches the peaks just right to set the whole sky on fire, i catch my breath every time i realize this land is so much bigger than any of my current worries.  perspective - always welcome.

i don't recall ever seeing hollyhocks in person before this trip.  they seem to grow like weeds here in aspen, tall- the stems heavy with dozes of blooms.  i set about capturing every color.
i can always count on two things here in the mountains:  extravagant eggs in the am, and handrolls in the pm.  cauliflower with poached eggs has given me the strength to battle my 1000 piece puzzle each morning, and fresh sushi from matsuhisa warrants a trip to town every night  

i tried to salvage my adidas shell toes from high school, but they had to give up the ghost.  i ordered a new pair and they're every bit as awesome as they were 20 years ago, minus the jnco jeans and baby doll tees (U.G.H.)

we spent a bit of time last week at the aspen institute catching talks from the annual security forum.  the aspen meadows resort on the property is a simple but stunning example of modern design.  designed by herbert bayer in the bauhaus style, every room has soaring windows that bring the outside inside with views of the river, garden and mountains.

i realize they are completely ridiculous, but as i was window shopping, these furry loafers and slip-ons caught my eye.  i stay away from fur, but i dreamed up a whole winter lifestyle that hinges on wearing these.  also, jeweler jennifer fisher hosted a trunk show at the jerome hotel.  jessica sent me an IG post letting me know it was literally in the next room, so i popped over and grabbed a few of these enamel heart studs.  


  1. Can you elaborate on the cauli with poached eggs? Sounds yum!