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my iphone reminders to want

By 6/23/2017

was scrolling through pics on my phone this morning looking for something or another, and was met the myriad of various and assorted things i screen capture to remember i want (and currently remain wanting because i haven't pulled the trigger on anything).

this pretty new pink book from assouline
this lewk
making these cookies.  peach glaze?!!  amazing
this whole thing
a mom tattoo
ann howell bullard to paint something for me
to go here!
to try these - seems easy
to eat the ferk out of these.  delicious
to treat myself to a bouquet at the farmers market on saturdays
to get the glasses from croghans
to add a monogrammed moment to my bed
to grab theis sweet little chair from union camp collective

a piece of art by catherine jones (pop-up coming soon!)
this lizzie fortunato clutch
these celine sunglasses
1 - a trip to forty five ten at my favorite dallas hotel, the joule, and 2 - this heretic parfum