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summer entertaining

By 5/23/2017 ,

my new house seems extra-appropriate for outdoor entertaining - there's a huge front porch plus a lovely backyard, and the weather right now is exceptional for lingering dinners and leisurely brunches.

i've amassed a bit of an arsenal of entertaining supplies over the past few years.  lots of pretty napkins in bright prints from furbish, tons of taper candles, and several block-printed tablecloths and suzanis that can dress up a table quickly.

here are a few of my essentials for making it easy this summer to entertain!

i love fleur de lis juice glasses for wine and cocktails - mix up the colors and sizes, you can find these guys just about anywhere, so it's easy to start a collection 

bamboo folding chairs are a chic and practical solution for extra seating.  they look good enough to keep out all the time but fold up nicely to store away

i keep a stockpile of cotton napkins that can mix and match on hand for parties - any sit down meal calls for a grown-up napkin in my book.  i love these blue and white blockprinted ones -- you'll see tastemakers like mark sikes, hannah seabrook and instagram fave maura endres frequently using them (they know they're a style steal!)
placemats are perfect for elevating a brunch to a festive fete.  i keep a stack of these pink tasseled moroccan placemats on hand - i recommend buying at least 8 when you're purchasing place settings.  12 if you can. 

i'm not huge into plastic plates - but there's a time and place for everything, and if the meal calls for melamine, i really like these dinner plates by charleston artist lulie wallace

bamboo flatware is a classic (see above-listed styling stars for proof).  you can pick up a 20 piece set on sale for just $26

you guys know i have a stack or two or textiles, and more than a few suzanis up my sleeve.  they're amazing as tablecloths - just be careful, if they get wet the colors can bleed, so make sure everyone is on their best behavior (i recommend coasters and placemats!)

if i had to pick just one item that's essential for a diner party, i'd go with taper candles.  mix up the colors, leave them burning well into the night and you'll find everyone seems a bit more interesting over candlelight!

globe lights really are magical strung in the backyard.  they transport an ordinary outdoor area into a bit of a wonderland.  

more textiles, more tablecloths.  this block-printed one is a fave, and so easy because you can throw it in the wash after a party, and it never really needs to be ironed.

splurge-worthy, i love these palm tree plates from anthro.  it's not always practical to serve everyone on fancy dinnerware, but if it's a smaller party, i've stocked up enough to do it in style (otherwise just rent!)

and finally candlesticks are a must.  i've been collecting brass ones for ages, so i've built up a good supply of differing heights.  etsy is a great source for them!