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By 4/03/2017

if it feels like i dropped off the face of the universe, i did. most definitely been in crazytown the past week. what better way to lose your mind than move an apartment, a house and an office in one week. deadlines work for me, however, so being mostly settled into all the appropriate places, i'm the plane now, headed to lima for the week with jessica and anna.

after unpacking all my earthly possessions, it became very clear that i do not have enough pom poms, so we're off to peru to buy them all. when i wasn't schlepping boxes this past week, i tried to hold my phone still and point it at things to share with you.

last week, at a preview party hosted by the scout guide, i toured the djf builders designer show house and spoke on a panel alongside the founders of the scout guide, hosted by brandshop.  this little sunroom by anne wagoner was a pretty moment in the morning light.
amidst the mess, i tried my best to pull it together, with help from ashley and her team at vermillion.  loving these chloe pants and isabel marant top, paired with rag & bone boots.

major was extremely helpful packing
at least some of the piles were pretty.  
our first dinner in the new house.  the yard is proving to be extra bountiful for bouquets, and i'm glad to have a table large enough to finally try out my favorite coral taper candles.

i realize my IG account has turned a bit foodie of late, but this shiz is too good not to share.

unpacking the blue and white.   i feel like i've been squirreling away a bowl here and plate there for years.  it's nice to put it all together.
the soft opening at brewery bhavana, vansana and vanvisa's newest endeavor (next door to bida manda).  a huge light-filled space, housing a brewery, flower shop, and bookstore, the restaurant serves over 20 types of dumplings.  there's a huge wall of books on the back wall for borrowing and browsing.  in an effort to let go of some 'things' in my life, i donated all of my paperback books to van, thinking at least this way, i'll be able to visit them often.  the space is really special - and seems to be continually cultivated each time i visit
dena, the florist at bhavana, hand-delivered this lovely spring arrangement to brighten up an empty-for-now bookcase.

my new house is right across the park from cameron village so we've been sneaking over to an old favorite, tazza kitchen, for late dinners at the bar.  this chamomile topped cocktail was as charming as it was critical after long days of moving.

speaking of charming, i've already laid claim to a set of english artist lucy auge's lovely floral studies - we'll be featuring plenty more tomorrow on furbish tomorrow at 11am when her pop-up shop goes live!

another spoil from my new neighborhood walks - the dogwoods are bright with new blooms each morning.  april showers are proving to be dependable as nature does it's duty here in raleigh - the awful yellow pollen gets swept away and the bushes and trees and awash with pinks and purples.

my office at home is full to the brim, with a huge ikea bookcase housing a few of my favorite collections, including textiles from traveling and blue and white porcelain.
and clearly, i still find time to eat during any duress.  i tried city market sushi for the first time, and after being completely spoiled at matsuhisa in aspen this winter, was glad to find a spot in raleigh to satisfy my out-of-control handroll hankerings


  1. I always enjoy your updates (and love that outfit)- you have a lot of energy and joie de vivre!

  2. if you haven't been to M Sushi in Durham yet, you must! Excellent!