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decorating is back!

By 4/11/2017

i've shared with you guys that life has been, well - a little disorienting the last few years, but i'm relieved to finally say i feel back on my feet, with things mostly settled and sorted, and i'm ready to get back to doing one of the things i love most: interior decorating. for the last year, we weren't able to take any new jobs while we transitioned furbish's retail to online, and now, i'm super stoked to announce that things are humming along.  i've got amazing people doing the right things (i sound like our president), and my brain has the necessary amount of free space to offer e-design, in-home consultations, and interior decorating services. finally - back to the regularly scheduled program, of helping folks add my signature mix of bold and bright mixed with aged and antique to their rooms, and creating layered, authentic and beautiful spaces with a sense of humor and a laid-back kind of luxury that makes a house feel like a home.

if you'd like more info, or have a project you need help with, please contact jessica@furbishstudio.com (thanks to all you readers who noticed that i'm feeling inspired again - i'm digging in. old domino mags, inspiration boards, pinterest perusing, moving-things-around, all of it - it's FUN again.)

for more of my design work, you can check out the portfolio on furbish's site, and as always - you can find snippets, snapshots, and a glimpse of my style on this blog, particularly in the my work, and decorating sections!