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the things i wear for winter

By 1/10/2017

thankfully, this winter i have my wardrobe on repeat with some go-to items that never let me down. let's go over them and you can do with it what you will, mmkay?

1 - isabel marant crisi ankle boots - i can't find these in the black leather anymore, but there are still several colors available.  they are the. most. comfortable., with just enough of a wedge to give you some height.  2 - i can't splurge on the real deal, so these bauble bar knock-offs have been my go to this winter to add a little jangle to evenings.  i have a couple of colors to switch things up.  3 - for the 509th time, i'll tell you how much i love these faux leather leggings from shopbop.  a super steal at $98, they're great in the cold and perfect with a big comfy sweater.

1 - a couple of months ago, i stocked up on baggy sweaters from sheinside.  they're practically free, so i went with several different colors, and i wear them on the reg.  super cozy, and easy - you can throw them in the wash.  2 - i was due for a new leather jacket, so i bought this one in the fall and it's finally worn in nicely.  i think it's a good price at under $400 for real leather.  3 - we're melting here in NC today - there wasn't much snow, but it was extra-freezing, so the ice hung around.  these sorel boots are great if you're going to be outdoors in the snow - i'm headed to aspen later this week so they'll definitely get packed.  4 - when i find something that works, i stick with it.  yal know rag & bone newbury boots are a classic for me.  i love this new grey suede color.  5- this topshop dress is an easy option for a night out with tights, or not if you're brave.  the fit is super-flattering.

1 - super basic, but extra chic, i surprisingly always get comments on this white blouse.  (wearing it with the leather leggings again.) 2 - i love these burberry sneakers so much.  the big buckle and python skin make them extra fly.

1 - if it's not too cold, i'll wear these mother denim jeans several times a week.  the fit is great and i love the length, plus the frayed hem. (if it's extra cold, these are perfect in black)  2 - madewell flannels are a winter go-to for me. under sweaters always, or maybe open with a tee underneath.  (they're on major sale right now!) 3 - my jcrew stadium jacket is still kicking it and keeping me warm - it was a great buy last season (they run big, so go down a size or two).


  1. Are the leggings true to size? Thank you!

    1. i think they run a bit small. i went up a size. the legs are fine, but the waist is tight.

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  3. Thank you! Long time reader, first time writer. I love your voice and have been following you for years. To all ahead in 2017. You shine your bravery, wisdom, wit, and style into the world. Best to you and what's to come.