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Get in my pants

By 1/24/2017 ,

most of my jeans these days are from blank denim and american eagle.  just the facts.  i also throw in a couple pairs from madewell, and a few from mother denim, but i keep it pretty simple, and budget-friendly.  wanna see some douchey IRL examples?  fantastic!

here are my picks for good denim.  i've also gained 5 lbs in the past few months i'm sure (this is unsubstantiated because i don't have a scale anymore, but felt, in my brain) because of happiness, sadness and doritos, so what do i know?

blank denim has the best skinny jean i've found.  they're just the right tight in the thigh and waist - i found i used to get just one of those right, both was tougher.  you know that hike you have to do constantly, by the belt loops to keep your sides in, or when jeans saggy in the butt, or you spend the morning squatting to give your thighs a shot at circulating blood in them?  well, you don't really have to go through all that with these below.

this pair was my first purchase, and i've replaced them twice in the last few years because the holes near your lady parts get too aggressive.  but for $88 whatever, i still keep all three in the rotation.  top was the one from this post, jeans, and boots (sold out in canvas but all other kinds available).

next fave are the coated skinny jeans.  they're leather-like and only $98.  they shrink perfectly with a cold-water rinse, and with a sweater they feel appropriately rock n' roll.  blazer, t-shirt, jeans and old booties.

i love the grey because they're super-soft and really thin.  top, jeans, and boots from this post.  (here's a budget version, or look for leather ones on ebay!)

the raw hem skinnies are a cute option, and encourage me to wear something other than leather boots. camo jacket, t-shirt, jeans, shoes

this is the most affordable pair at $75, and the fit is great, due in part to the faux pockets so there's no awkward bunching.  sweater, chambray, jeans, boots

i just got these from madewell.  i really dig the high-rise, they make your waist feel tiny, and i like wearing white in the winter because it feels alpine-y, and all.  sweater, jeans, boots (on sale!)


  1. Love your style! This is a great post and fun!!

  2. I love the all white outfit, so chic. That sweater is a serious bargain, too! I'm not sure how I feel about raw hemmed jeans. I think it's the type of thing I see on other people and applaud but would feel silly wearing.