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making a moment

By 11/03/2016

you guys know i'm a master at too much - so naturally bookcases and display cabinets are a field day for me when it comes to decorating. i love pieces like this white traditional secreatry that you can fill with items that you love and want to live with everyday.

the cabinet was my mom's, so it's perfect to take center stage filled with a collection of things that make me a little more me. a little too much is just enough, you know?  here's how i pull it off:

1 - a travel memento - this is a basket i brought back from our last trip to oaxaca.  i convinced jessica that these handwoven pieces would be a breeze to fly with - they'd just collapse nicely and pop right back into shape.  they didn't.  i spent weeks trying to get this guy back to something... round.

2 - colorful textiles - easy to pick up on travels and so pretty displayed in a stack.  these are cortes from guatemala and embroidery from oaxaca .

3 - small framed finds -  this is a banajara india mirrored patch i found at my friend carter's warehouse in charlotte.  she travels the world and has a trove of finds that are fun to dig through.  i popped it in an ikea frame for a custom look.

4 - investment worthy art - this is a custom framed sally king benedict that i treasure the most.  i love propping art up in unexpected places, like on the secretary so it can really shine.

5 - a favorite candle - unfortunately i didn't make it to coqui coqui before it closed, but my friend ashley at vermillion sells their amazing candles.  i'm headed to tulum for thanksgiving, and can't wait to see the pretty town so many friends have been raving about.

6 - a pretty natural find - it's always a treat to find a treasure on the beach during a tropical vacation.  this guy washed up on the shore in costa rica so i scooped him and flew him home.

7 - a bright and bold print - i love checking the fortunato sisters' finds section on their site ever so often.  i fell in love with this wayne pate print and decided to treat myself.

8 - a postcard.  i have a thing for saving any old school correspondence.  this is a john derian postcard that a friend sent from NYC with a sweet note.

9 - a twist on tradition - this is how i imagined our kooky needlepoint pillows would be displayed when we made the last collection inspired by nicki minaj and beyonce.  it catches everyone's eye first, and it's always 'where did you find that!?'  mixed with found objects, some fancy, some silly, it's the perfect pause for a bit of irreverence.

10 - a trinket with some texture - our bag charms are perfect for flair on an overnight or beach bag, but i like to hang them from a door knob, or here on the glass door for a pop of neon pink.

11 - an interesting fern -  my grandmother passed along a decently green thumb to me, and this fern has been thriving so far in front of the window.  i enjoy his crazy color and it's always nice to add a plant to the mix


  1. You make this look so effortless!! Thanks for the breakdown. I am currently putting new flooring in my house and when I move my furniture back in, I plan on switching things up. At the top of my to-do list is a "renovation" of my bookcases. I plan on pulling a LOT of inspiration and how-to from your blog. Thanks again for the tips!!