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chichicastenango guatemala

By 11/07/2016

our trip to guatelmala last month was the result of some major secreting out into the universe some things we wanted : amazing textiles and a chance to shop local villages for one-of-a-kind crafts , one part adventure/non-basic white girl stuff, and an opportunity to experience (another) once in a lifetime experience with best friends.

we killed it on every front. we stayed in panajachel, on lake atitlan, at hotel atitlan, and as we've come to expect the best from guatemala, the sanguine people, the beautiful country , the talented makers and the always amazing food were no exception on this trip.

the view from our hotel room - i can't say enough good things about our stay here.  the service was impeccable, the food amazing, it's in a perfect spot to hop on a boat for daily adventures and the hot tub overlooking the volcano - so crucial.
vista from a boat ride to a local yoga studio on the lake in neighboring town

a real bastard of a parrot who bit me on the arm right after this pic
amazing tile work in the hotel dining room - breakfast each morning was perfect
the view from the hot tub we took advantage of each night at sunset - one of our favorite parts of the day.  they'd bring us a glass of wine as we soaked away hours of shopping.  life is hard.

we looked for quiet places to practice 5 minute mediations - because, you know, that's us now... and they were not difficult to find in the gorgeous gardens of our hotel.
we took a boat to cities outside of panajachel. our guide would pick us up on the dock each morning with a million more adventures in store for us than we'd imagined our day would include.

i could tell you again and again about the intricate growing, spinning, dying, and weaving process of the handmade guatelamalan goods, but i just don't know if there's a way to convey the sense of awe you experience when you realize the origin of the textiles.

i have angst.  probably not directed at the lake.

we spent a day in the yoga studio at villa sumaya in santa cruz, on the lake

yup, us.

that's exactly what we came for.  
jessica and anna drank micheladas on the reg.  me?  as much as i'd fancy myself a bloody mary person because i'm spicy AF, i can't stomach tomato juice without a major ughhh, so this beer, lime juice and spice mix wasn't my best life (but don't worry, i found suitable alternatives). 

feeling the local fashions
we ate all the things.  the food, everytime, in guatemala is on point.  

locals waiting for a ride at the dock
eye candy from a streetside vendor in san juan

just down by the dock, being outdoorsy, and whatnot
two guatemalan babies
bolts of the most amazing handwoven cotton
just about the cutest
handmade belts at the chichicastenango market
we picked up some unusual textiles this trip - lots of pastel pinks embroidered on white cotton
local flavor full of color
before we climbed the san pedro volcano.  no idea what we were getting into
we spent this trip really digging into the origin of the textiles - the different colors associated with each village and the techniques
we picked up more than a few personal pieces, like this small textile with neon embroidery
this is us now
amazing colors of hand-dyed thread make the gorgeous stripes down the center of corte fabric

mesmerized by the intricate paintings highlighting everyday life in the village
this is how balls of cotton freshly picked from the yard are turned into thread
we regrouped each evening with a cocktail in this cozy nook at the hotel.  these tiny pink chairs were fantastic.  there's a cozy spot around every corner at hotel atitlan.

photos by anna routh


  1. its always the food that fascinates me. And true, they have creative hands! :D

    I would love to visit Guatemala too :D Thank you for sharing! Lovely photos btw. :)



  3. your photos are amazing. Love all the beautiful vibrant colors.

  4. How vibrant and beautiful! Ugh, and I've fallen in love with the tiling. I've always been fascinated in intricate and detailed designs.

    The people too also seem very lovely. Definitely putting Guatemala on my bucket list

  5. Love all the photos. Breathtaking.

  6. Hi, do you reccomended chichicastenango for textiles or can I find the same stuff in the local villages? Thanks in advance, headed there next week!